Should stay at home dads have nannies?

Stay-at-home dads are the unsung heroes of the family, continually juggling a multitude of tasks and responsibilities. However, even superheroes need a little help now and then! 

That’s where a nanny comes in. Here are 9 ways a nanny can benefit stay-at-home dads — without triggering ‘Dad guilt’:

  1. Offering Homework Help: Nannies can assist with homework and school projects, easing the parenting burden and reducing family arguments!
  2. Providing Flexibility: For dads juggling multiple responsibilities, a nanny can offer the flexibility needed to handle unexpected events or emergencies.
  3. Supporting Men’s Career Growth: having a nanny means dads can finish up their work day while their kids are collected from school, taken to activities, helped with their homework and their hungry tummies are fed.  
  4. Providing Emotional Support: Nannies can serve as an additional source of emotional support for children, offering advice and guidance when dads are occupied. 
  5. Providing a Break: No matter how much a dad loves his kids, everyone needs a break. A nanny can step in and provide some respite to busy dads, allowing them to rest, follow passions and hobbies, or look after his own parents. 

A nanny’s contribution to a family goes far beyond simple child care. Remember dads: seeking help is not a sign of weakness but a smart strategy for maintaining balance in your life and home. (And don’t forget mum can help out too, when you need a break!)