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We’re looking for someone to help transform homes across London into beautiful childcare spaces!

Our brand new Home Nursery service has just launched to families across London, and we are aiming to set up hundreds of new Home Nurseries in the coming months. Each one of our Home Nurseries operates out of a childminder’s own house or flat, and we want to help those childminders to really elevate their space - to make it the warmest, most engaging and awe-inspiring environment for young children that it can be.

You’ll be visiting our childminders whilst they undergo their training with us, and helping them spruce up their homes - whether that’s spotting opportunities for DIY quick fixes and a lick of paint, a smart re-organisation of furniture to make the most of limited space, or recommending new soft furnishings, storage units, toys and resources to transform their home into an incredible learning environment.


Why this role is important to Koru Kids:

Making our new Home Nursery service a roaring success is a key focus for Koru Kids, and that starts with making sure that each of our settings feels like a true home-from-home for the children we care for: a special place where they’ll lay down crucial early foundations for later life. London being London, many of our childminders’ settings are smaller spaces and so it can require some creativity and inspiration to bring the potential - but we see this as an exciting challenge and opportunity to be solved rather than an obstacle.


And now about you:

  • You'll have a strong and intuitive eye for interior design - crucially you’ll know what parents are looking for in a childcare environment, as well as what makes it an engaging and inspiring space for young children.

  • You’ll have an eye for detail - you know that interior design isn’t just about vague concepts and mood boards, but making sure that height charts are hung up straight, that skirting boards are painted, and that a poster of the seasons isn’t complete without some foraged leaves stuck to it!

  • You’re a people person who is effortlessly diplomatic - at its heart, this job is asking people to make changes to their homes, which they may not have realised needed to be made. Although these changes are necessary so that their childcare business can ultimately thrive, you understand that your recommendations and ideas need to be delivered sensitively.

  • You have a thrifty streak - you know how to achieve amazing looks on a budget. Whether that’s being a savvy second hand shopper or having some clever DIY hacks up your sleeve that can deliver the look for less. And you’ll know IKEA like the back of your hand.

  • You’re organised - you’ll be working with several dozen childminders at once, and you’ll need a system to track who needs what!

  • You love getting stuck in - whilst there will often be help on hand - either from the childminder, their family or a colleague, you’ll need to assemble flat packs, shift furniture and generally get your hands dirty - all in the name of amazing childcare!


You should also be:

  • Based in or near London - each day you’ll be travelling all across the city visiting childminders homes.

  • Humble - You take ownership of successes and mistakes. You value experiences and feedback that helps you learn.

  • Fast-paced - You'll be thrown in the deep end straight away. We have childminders all over London waiting to meet you and take advantage of your expertise, there won’t be time for a luxurious onboarding and training program! We’ll support you in the very beginning but will be looking for you to take the reins fast.


A Typical Two Days

Day 1

9am - you meet with Fatima in Shepherd’s Bush, one of our latest childminder applicants to help advise her on her home. She has just recently moved into a terraced house with a lovely garden, and has asked you to treat everything as a blank canvas - she wants her whole downstairs to be dedicated to her home nursery! You can hardly believe your luck, and you set to work sketching out a floor plan and suggesting how she can make the most of the garden to incorporate a mud kitchen.

10.30am - consultation complete with Fatima, you pop to a nearby coffee shop to type up your notes and send over the shopping list to Shameel back in the office, who’ll make sure that everything arrives in one go at Alice’s, when you’ll head back to help her unpack and transform her home!

12pm - your next consultation appointment of the day - Alice in Kilburn. Alice lives in a two bed property on the second floor of a block of flats. It’s not the biggest home you’ve ever seen but you can see the potential straight away, and put together a few ideas to help her freshen up the space - including re-painting the main wall in her lounge, buying an Ikea storage unit to help her divide the space and tidy up toys, and set up a mini table and chairs in her kitchen for the children to have their meals at. You’ve come armed with photos of some of the homes that you’ve worked on before, and when you show these to Alice, she totally ‘gets’ your ideas and happily agrees to your plan. Her partner says he’ll have the wall sorted by the time you come back which is great.

2pm - You head home, creating another shopping list for Shameel on the train. You’re finishing early today and need the rest for a big day tomorrow.

Day 2

12pm - You start late as today might be a long one. You spend half an hour reviewing the homes of the most recent haul of applicants advising the screening team on where you see potential and where the challenge is just too great! Then head out for this afternoon’s setup session at Jayne’s home in Highbury.

2.30pm- You arrive at Jayne’s just at the right time - the Ikea lorry has just pulled up, and bookshelves, beanbags and travel cots galore are being unloaded at rapid speed! You make your way inside and see that the Koru Kids posters, height charts and bunting have all arrived and are hanging with pride from the newly painted pale blue wall in the lounge (which just looks amazing against the red of our logo!) The afternoon is spent helping Jayne put together her new Ikea purchases and arranging everything exactly as you planned a couple of weeks’ ago - it’s super rewarding seeing it all come together, and when you finally sit down for a cup of tea and a biscuit, you are chuffed to bits, Jayne is too! The photographer is coming tomorrow to take some shots for the website, and you can’t wait to see her home up in lights!

8pm - after a rewarding and energetic day, you head home for a well deserved rest! You can’t help checking your emails just before you hop on the tube and see that Francis, who you helped set up a few days before, has just signed a contract with her first family to care for their children - how amazing is that! They’re going to love those squirrel beanbags!


Important things to know...

  • Flexibility: we are happy to consider applicants looking to work either full-time or part-time. We're very open to someone who would like to work evenings and weekends - in fact this would be a positive since many childminder candidates work full-time and aren’t available during the day. Many of our team work around their own childcare commitments and we encourage this approach.

  • Pay & Benefits: This is a contractor position and the pay for this role is £94-120 per day depending on experience. If required, we'll also set you up with a company MacBook Air and iPad to allow you to work securely and effectively in the field.

  • Location: you’ll need to be able to travel to and all around London. Expenses will be paid. If you have your own transport that will be advantageous - for those emergency IKEA runs.


About us

Koru Kids is building the world’s best childcare service, starting in London. We believe that every family should have the perfect childcare for their family to flourish.

We’re growing like crazy, are backed by fantastic investors, including top venture capitalists and business angels such as Michael Pennington the founder of Gumtree, and have won a ton of awards for our technology, people and social impact.

Our culture is informal, hard-working and kind. The team is an A++ when it comes to talent but our "no dickheads" rule means we're also a humble and supportive bunch.

We’re also really committed to working with integrity, doing the right thing and building a company we are truly proud of.

We have always promoted flexible working and are currently working remotely but we will have the option of a Central London office space to work from later this month.

We can't fully capture what working at Koru Kids feels like, but here's our best attempt to give you a sense…. Every new starter in the Koru Kids team meets with our founder and CEO Rachel in their first week, to talk about our company values and what they really mean in practice. We recorded one of these sessions, and here it is. In this recording, Rachel meets with Adam, a software developer on Day 5 of his job with Koru Kids. She outlines our commitments to transparency, quick decisions, humility, continuous personal growth, recognising that we are humans and not robots, respecting each others' time, and our no dickheads policy.


How might I develop personally at Koru Kids?

In this recording, Rachel outlines the 7 different ways we help each and every team member to develop faster at Koru Kids than they would anywhere else on earth.


A series of conversations with the team

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