Current Advice During COVID-19

The Government advice allows nannies to work in a family home during the national lockdown, as long as neither household has someone with symptoms of COVID-19, has tested positive or has been contacted by NHS Track & Trace. This guidance was issued on 4th January 2021. More details here.

Want to be our first Director of Fun? (Adults need not apply!)

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Director of Fun

We are excited to share that we are looking for our first Director of Fun to join the Koru Kids team!

The Director of Fun’s mission will be to assess how fun trainee nannies are via video calls, before they are matched with families. We like to think of ourselves as innovators, so this role will only be open to children between the ages of 7 and 12 years-old, because really, no-one is going to be more effective than a child (the prospective customer) at ascertaining how fun someone is.

The Director will be part of a growing, fast-paced, scale-up team who are incredibly focused on achieving our mission – to build the world’s best childcare service. This is a rare opportunity to join and make an impact at Koru Kids at a pivotal moment of acceleration.

What’s more, the service we have built is amazing. Well, we would say that, but our families say it too – they regularly use words like ‘love’ and ‘life-changing’ to describe what we do. Koru Kids is game-changing for working families who are crying out for balance and support. Our Director of Fun will be an integral part of bringing that solution to even more people.


What we're looking for...

Here's your mission, should you choose to accept it...

  • Your role will be to assess a sample of trainee nanny’s fun factor via video calls. How you wish to do this will be completely up to you. You could choose to get to know each trainee nanny through improvised games and activities, singalongs, a Q&A or impressions -- whatever form of investigation you like

  • Work collaboratively with us, sharing your honest feedback on each Nanny so we can improve our selection and training. 

  • Share your tips and advice for potential trainee nannies via our website and social media platforms.


Are you...

Tremendously ambitious? This opportunity is what you decide to make it. We want a brave individual who is willing to give up some of their after school/weekend time to help us - while jump starting their future by working and earning money before many others their age.

Confident and Comfortable meeting new people? You are not scared of new situations. You meet it head on, and are happy to interact with new people, getting to know them and what they’re like.


Ideally we'd like...

  • Be a child aged between 7 to 12 years old

  • Be knowledgeable about what is fun

  • Be comfortable in front of the camera

  • Be comfortable meeting new people

  • Have internet access, enabling video calls


Important things to know...

Timing: We'd like to have the right person join by March, but we can wait a little longer if we need to.

Flexibility: The role can be done flexibly. The Director of Fun will be contracted to work no more than two hours a week, and this can be reduced if needed to be flexible around the perfect candidate and their education. The contract of employment will also be flexible, and both the Director and their parents/legal guardians can choose to end it whenever they wish. We want to ensure our Director of Fun enjoys their role and it does not interfere with their school, family life or happiness in any way. 

Salary: The salary for this role is £20 an hour. We also realise the role will require some time and effort from the successful Director’s parents/guardians, so in return for their work we will offer the family free childcare throughout the employment period (Terms & Conditions apply).

Location: You can do this role from anywhere in the UK.

Consent: Potential applicants are required to have full permission from a parent or legal guardian before applying for the role. As part of the Director of Fun’s job we wish to share their advice for trainee nannies, therefore we will also ask for consent to share and promote their work on social media and the Koru Kids website.

If you/your child would be a perfect candidate for our Director of Fun role and matches the criteria above, please apply here.


Here’s why Rachel, our CEO and Founder is so excited about this role…

“We continually have new, hopeful nannies register on our site every month and there’s no one better to vet them, than a child. They are after all, the customer! At Koru Kids we always aim to provide the best nannies out there to ensure our families find the perfect childcare for them, so it just makes sense to get the core customer’s perspective. 

“We already train nannies ourselves on safety, homeschooling and activities, but we’re looking for our new team member to really focus on the more personable aspects of the job. How fun they are is super important to a lot of kids -- and parents! 

“Parents are very conscious of the amount of screen time their children have had lately. That's why we're raising the bar on Fun for our nannies, so that they can break the screen addiction and make sure the kids are having lots of different experiences even during lockdown.

“As this is our first CEO of Fun, we are just looking for one 7- to 12-year-old at this time. However if all goes well and the job proves as useful as we believe it will be, we will be hiring more Fun Assessors of varying ages in the future. If your child is comfortable meeting new people and would love to earn some extra pocket money helping us put nannies through their paces, please apply now!”