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Senior Content Designer

This is a rare opportunity to join a startup solving a human problem at a pivotal moment of acceleration. If you want to do irreplaceable work on a unique problem alongside people that will challenge, inspire and stretch you, keep reading.

You’ll take on the guardianship of our "communication experience", designing content using our brand and design principles that gives our families and childcarers a simple, seamless and consistent end to end experience . You'll be expected to take to your soul the library of rich user insight we're lucky enough to have and translate that into powerful UX writing. You will often pair with other members of the team like product designers, product managers, marketing leads, engineers and operations to better understand the moments where the customer's experience can be elevated through thoughtfully crafted content and copy.

The sorts of problems you can expect to take on:

  • Develop the content for a smooth feedback, intervention and training loop between families and their nannies or childminders

  • Simplify the messaging and communication experience between parents and carers when going through the search and selection process

  • Craft the messaging between the initial job ad to role discovery to application process to improve conversions in our carer application process

As we are a marketplace service, we want someone passionate about conversational design that can bring leadership, creativity and deep problem solving to that challenge. And what's more, what we're selling is AMAZING. Our customers use words like 'love' and 'life-changing' to describe what we do. You'll be a part of bringing that to life for our customers through our content.

Here's why Rachel, our CEO and Founder is so excited about our journey


What we're looking for...

We're passionate about what we have set out to achieve and have a radically transparent and kind culture. We’re committed to working with integrity, doing the right thing and building a company we are truly proud of. We seek missionaries to join us and show us how we can be better by bringing their unique strengths to work everyday.

Here's your mission, should you choose to accept it...

  • You will take direct responsibility for the design of human-centred and straightforward content that reduces mental load across multiple product squads

  • You will take on board all of our existing insight and add to it where needed with primary research

  • Work with designers on developing our information architecture and the overall narrative and messaging for the end to end customer journey

  • Plan, write, edit, test and improve content that appears in product flows, customer communication, navigation and marketing pages for all our platforms.

  • You'll use data and insights to inform your choices and use a well balanced mix of analytical thought and intuition in your process, favouring progress over perfection

  • You'll be a champion for the design discipline at Koru Kids. In particular, you will raise the bar on UX writing across the product and marketing teams by mentoring others, providing regular feedback and leading skills development in this area

  • Take on our writing tone and style guide so that you uphold - and strengthen - our matter of fact, yet passionate tone of voice in a way that enhances our brand

Here's why our CPO is excited about this role


Are you...

Ambitious? This opportunity is what you decide to make it. We want brave individuals who question "how might we?" and inspire the rest of the business to do the same.

Naturally Curious? You listen to what's going on around you and the dots join in your head.

Inspired by Complexity? You're not scared of a hard problem. You meet it head on. You can step back and drive forward to get to solve a problem.

Fast paced? You feel at ease when things move quickly.

A Leader? You won't be managing a team (yet!) but you'll use these skills to identify and champion initiatives in design. You build rapport fast and are someone people love to work with.

Humble? You are passionate about your beliefs and ideas but also have the humility to recognise when you might be wrong. You value experiences and feedback that helps you learn.


Ideally we'd like...

  • Significant experience in content design and UX writing roles

  • Previous success in conceiving, launching and iteratively improving digital consumer products

  • Experience working with product engineering teams in a start-up or scale up environment, in particular using lean methodologies

  • Experience with modern design tools (we use Figma)


Important things to know...

Term: This is a permanent role

Timing: We'd like to have the right person join by the end of November.

Flexibility: We support flexible working arrangements. We welcome parents and would love to discuss any working arrangements that make it possible for you to be part of our team.

Salary: The salary range for this role is £65k-£90k, depending on experience, plus stock options. This is because the less relevant experience you have, the more support you'll need, which we'll need to also pay for. If you're part-time, these will be pro-rated.

Location: You can do this role from anywhere in the UK and earn the same salary as you would if you were in London (where we are based). We will consider applications from candidates living outside the UK with some conditions.


About us

Koru Kids is building the world’s best childcare service. We believe that every family should have the perfect childcare for their family to flourish.

We’re growing like crazy, are backed by fantastic investors, including top venture capitalists and business angels such as Michael Pennington the founder of Gumtree, and have won a ton of awards for our technology, people and social impact.

Our culture is informal, hard-working and kind. The team is an A++ when it comes to talent but our "no dickheads" rule means we're also a humble and supportive bunch.

We have always promoted flexible working and are remote first. We also have a great office in Shoreditch, London that we can work from or use to meet our team mates as needed.

We can't fully capture what working at Koru Kids feels like, but here's our best attempt to give you a sense…. Every new starter in the Koru Kids team meets with our founder and CEO Rachel in their first week, to talk about our company values and what they really mean in practice. We recorded one of these sessions, and here it is. In this recording, Rachel meets with Adam, a software developer on Day 5 of his job with Koru Kids. She outlines our commitments to transparency, quick decisions, humility, continuous personal growth, recognising that we are humans and not robots, respecting each others' time, and our no dickheads policy.


How might I develop personally at Koru Kids?

In this recording, Rachel outlines the 7 different ways we help each and every team member to develop faster at Koru Kids than they would anywhere else on earth.


A series of conversations with the team

Rebecca and Kellie - Marketing

"I was so drawn by the complexity of the problem and I was immediately drawn into solving it….

It's the best team I've ever worked on and I feel like I've hit the jackpot really"

An Nguyen - Chief operating officer

"It's such a hard problem and being able to tackle that is really fun" - Koru Kids COO An Nguyen talks about why he joined Koru Kids, what he's looking for in a hire, and why we hire in a weird way at Koru Kids.

Michael Baird - Head of engineering

In this recording, Michael talks to Rachel about why he joined Koru Kids, what kind of team he's building, the technical problems we're working on, and what kind of engineer will flourish at Koru Kids.