Easter Activities

🐥 Paint an Easter chick with forks

Fork painting fluffy chicks is great fun for kids of all ages. Don’t worry if you don’t have any googly eyes, you can always draw or paint them on.

You don’t have to make the chicks yellow either – be as abstract as you like, just have fun.

🐰 "Funny Bunny Faces" drawing game

Children love to draw, but you often find yourself hearing “I don’t know how to draw…”. This is a great game to show children there are lots of ways to draw something, and this time that something is a bunny. All you need is the print out, a pen and paper, and dice.

🥚 Egg box art

Fish out any empty egg boxes floating around the recycling, and get creative.

You could make this checkers board game, or create some cute Easter chicks.

🍫 Easter baking

With so much chocolate around at Easter, there might be some spare. There are lots of tasty bakes that you can incorporate any leftovers into.

What about Easter egg rocky road or mini chocolate cheesecakes? Yum.

🌱 Grow your own pet

For this activity you’ll need raw eggs, soil, grass seed, and anything you have to decorate with in your craft cupboard. Put the raw eggs you crack to one side – don’t let them go to waste! There are lots of Easter bakes you can do with them.

You should see your pet’s hair grow in around 5-10 days, so keep checking on it each day to make sure it’s fed enough water. You could also take photos of it each day and then make a video time lapse.

👀 Charades

Charades is a classic and fun game but this one comes with an Easter twist. Think up as many Easter related words as you can, write them on some card and cut them out. To get you started, you could use: bunny, chicken, egg, flowers, and sunshine.

Stick on a timer, shuffle the cards, pick one up and act out the word you pick out. See if your word can be guessed and try and get through as many as you can – whoever guesses the most before the time runs out wins!

✨ Sensory playdough

Playdough is great for all ages and lets children use their imagination.

If you already have playdough at home, use that. You can also make it using ingredients you’ll probably have in the house.

✏️ Educational worksheets

It’s always important to keep numeracy and literacy ticking over during the holidays, and there are loads of Easter themed worksheets available online.

🌲 Outdoor adventures

Explore the outdoors – the park, the back garden, the school run.

With the days getting longer, there is even more time to get outside this Easter.

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