Bite Sized Training

These modules have all been designed by our in-house nanny coaches. Each takes under 5 minutes and are based on our most requested areas of help. 

Helping with phonics

Reading aloud with young children

10 tips for helping with phonics

All 44 phonic sounds

What are noun phrases

Helping with handwriting

Helping with maths homework

The CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) approach

How to help with addition and subtraction

Helping with multiplication and division

Making multiplication fun

Teach fractions with lego

Use card games to teach addition

Getting in the mindset for homework

Growth vs Fixed Mindset

5 steps for homework focus

Helping children with big feelings

Helping children through tantrums

Tips to build strong relationships with children

Helping children to get along

5 tips to help children with self control

Helping children manage anxiety and worries

Marie Kondo on tidying with children

Building great relationships with parents

Sharing feedback

Tips for nannying while the parents work from home