Childminder vs. Nursery

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Choosing childcare

Choosing the right childcare for your family is one of the biggest decisions you make after having children.

It can feel overwhelming choosing somewhere for your children to spend large amounts of time in their formative years.

Start by thinking what’s important to you.

Would you rather a small number of children, a home environment, is getting outside non-negotiable? Make a list and then read on to see which option might suit you best.

What is a childminder?

  • At their home. Childminders take care of children at their home. They will have set the space up to work for play and naps just like a nursery.
  • Qualifications.  Childminders are Ofsted registered so have to complete training just like nursery staff.
  • Cost. In general childminders cost 10-20% less than nurseries.
  • Flexibility. Childminders tend to be more flexible with offering term-time places and different hours
  • EYFS. All childminders have to follow the EYFS and document you child’s development just like a nursery. 
  • Children. Childminders have the same ratio’s as nurseries but tend to have a much smaller cohort of children and a mix of ages.

What is a nursery?

  • At a Nursery. Nurseries are usually in their own space that’s set up specifically for childcare.
  • Qualifications.  Nurseries have a range of staff with more experienced and less experienced qualifications. 
  • Cost. In general nurseries cost £60-£100 a day depending on where you live.
  • Flexibility. Nurseries usually have fixed hours for half days and full days and most won’t offer term-time only.
  • EYFS. All nurseries follow the EYFS and document you child’s development. 
  • Children. Children are usually grouped into rooms by age and usually nurseries have more children then in a childminders