How we support your nanny

Supporting happy relationships

Helping you to find a nanny is just the beginning of our service. Our core aim is to create happy and lasting childcare arrangements and we are committed to making the employment of a Koru Kids nanny as simple as possible for our families.

As well as their upfront training your nanny has access to ongoing training and support from us. We want to help them help your family flourish – in the ways we know you care about.

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Never a dull moment

Our nannies come brimming with imagination for activities – but even the best might have a mind blank one day.

Don’t worry. We have tonnes of resources for your nanny on all sorts of activities they can do with your children. From baking, to crafting to outdoor adventures.

Many are backed up with training videos and we even have full day schedules for those longer shifts.

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Upfront training

All our nannies must pass the online training course we developed in house before they start a role. It covers all the daily tasks of a part-time nanny, as well as how to go above and beyond to support the whole family.

Once they’ve found a family to work with, they then complete a First Aid Training course. Additional 1-1 first aid training sessions are also available with our first aid trainer on more specialist topics.

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Ongoing training

Our nannies will have completed their upfront training before they start with a family, and finish it off once they’re matched.

At Koru Kids we don’t believe in limiting learning. In order to support children’s development and wellbeing, our nannies have access to loads of ongoing training and resources.

As well as ongoing training, nannies can reach out to our experienced support team to make sure they’re always comfrtable and equipped. 

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Arts & Crafts

A firm favourite and go-to rainy day activity – our arts and crafts activities also have an educational spin to keep parents and children alike happy!

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Homework Help

Tips and tricks for teaching phonics, fractions, noun phrases and much more. Learn how to support a child to have a growth mindset.


Outdoor Adventures

Explore the outdoors – the park, the back garden, the school run. Burn off some energy and connect with nature!

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Activities Generator

Message our AI tool Poppin like you’d message a friend. Whether you need activity ideas or recipe inspiration, Poppin will do their best to help you.

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