Finding your next nanny

Things change.

We’d love it if all our working relationships between nannies and families could last forever, but sadly this isn’t always the case.

If things aren’t quite working out or it’s just time for your nanny to move on, let us know and we’ll help you find a replacement.

If you really love your current Koru Kids nanny, but they’re no longer able to work all of the shifts you need, we may even be able to find you a second nanny to cover the shifts they can’t.

What if things aren't going as planned...

Our standard contracts all begin with a 2 week probation period during which you can give each other 24hours notice. This is so that both you and your nanny can make sure you are the right fit for each other. Our contracts have a standard two week notice period after the probation period.

We encourage you to follow our onboarding procedures and make use of our feedback tools to iron out any kinks and nannies have been trained to give you regular updates.

If you need further help you can email our Relationship Support Specialist team at any time at Our team has teaching and nanny experience so they’ve seen it all before! They can also speak with your nanny on your behalf if you would like.

Finding a new nanny