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More than 1 million women feel under pressure to leave their jobs because of the menopause.

This has a devastating impact on women's lives, and our economy.

At Koru Kids we are creating 5,000 jobs in our menopause friendly workplace, doing vital work in childcare to support families all over the UK.

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Benefits include:

*Available for nannies when they match with a family, or for childminders when they start training, before 31st March 2022. We will continue to offer menopause support after this date, and we are in the process of gathering feedback on which benefits are most useful.

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Become a part-time nanny

We train you to be a great nanny and match you with thousands of families looking for nannies.

We'll support you every step of the way and deal with the money and admin side so that you get paid on time, in full each month.

You earn between £9 and £12 an hour depending on your experience.

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Become a childminder

We’ll support you every step of the way to becoming a successful registered childminder.

We’ll take the stress out of all the less fun parts of the job so you can focus on your real passion, shaping children’s lives.

Earn up to £70,000 working from your own home.

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Become a full-time nanny

This role is all about working with early years children, making a real difference, with full-day hours.

We make it simple and easy. You'll have a full, legitimate contract - so you're fully protected.

You can set your own hourly rate between £13-16 gross per hour (or more).

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What's the difference between nannying & childminding?

Nannies work in the family's home

  • You usually work for one family with one or two children

  • Children are normally aged 3 to 11

  • You earn £9-£12 an hour, depending on experience (early years nannies can earn more, and if you've raised kids you'll earn a minimum of £10.80 per hour)

  • Most of our families are looking for 9-15 hours a week in the afternoons - although if you have baby and toddler experience you can work full time as an early years nanny

  • You can be trained and working in a few days

  • You can't have your own children with you

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Childminders work in their own home

  • You care for up to 3 children from different families at the same time, in your own home

  • You specialise in looking after children aged 4 and under

  • You typically earn around £37,000 a year, but can earn up to £70,000 (these figures are for inner London)

  • You need to work full-time hours at least 4 days a week

  • It takes around 8–12 weeks to be fully trained and registered

  • You can look after your own children whilst you work

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