Week Beginning 1 June Activities


This week’s theme is Ancient Rome!

Hi nannies and parents! Here are your weekly activities for the week starting 1st of June. Each week we’ll be suggesting 5 fun activities all following the same theme, and highlighting useful resources for educational and physical activities. We hope it’ll give you some ideas and inspiration – you may need to adapt some of the suggestions depending on the age of the children. You can also follow our Pinterest page for more inspiration.

We want to make sure this is a useful resource for you, so please get in touch with any feedback you have (what worked well and what didn’t), and any ideas for activities to include in future editions. Just email askalex@korukids.co.uk.

If you're a nanny, don't forget you can also chat to other nannies and share ideas in our Nanny Facebook Group. If you're a parent, you can join the Parent Facebook Group here. We'd love to see what you and the children are up to.


Five Fun Activities

  1. Learn about the arch structures used in Ancient Rome in this video then make these 3D shapes to make your own.

  2. Learn about how Roman numerals work and try making numbers 1-12 with cocktail sticks, then make a clock.

  3. Make a model of an Ancient Roman villa. Follow this tutorial to get started. Try learning the Latin Words for some of the parts of the villa by watching this video.

  4. Learn about Ancient Roman sports here. Most of them were pretty violent, but there's one or two listed here that aren't. Can you find them and have a go at playing them?

  5. Watch this video to get an idea of Ancient Rome as a whole, then write a newspaper to show what happens in a day in Rome. Think about what sections you'll need in your paper; politics, sports, culture, property ads, and what else?


Educational Activities

If the children’s schools have sent home any homework, you can use some of your time together to support them in working through this. Otherwise, we suggest trying some of the resources published by BBC Bitesize and Oak National Academy tailored to children’s year groups. They’re each posting three lessons a day including a maths lesson, an English lesson, and a foundation subject like history, geography, science, computing, and art & design.

We suggest trying both resources as they’re different styles and one is likely to suit you and the children better than the other. The BBC Bitesize lessons generally start with a short clip to teach you about a subject, then describe a few activities to help you practice the skills and knowledge you learned. The Oak National Academy lessons start and end with a quiz, and the body of the lesson features a recording of a teacher giving a presentation. As the lesson goes on the teacher will assign activities and give you the chance to pause the video to complete it with the children.


Physical Activities

Remember, children normally have outside play at break and lunch at school to burn off some energy, so we need to give them opportunities to do this at home too. If the family have a garden, we’d recommend taking the children outside to run off some steam and get some fresh air at the same time.

Don’t worry if you’re stuck inside though, there are lots of resources to get you and the children moving indoors. Joe Wicks is live streaming PE lessons at 9am every weekday. We think the morning is the perfect time to get moving so the kids aren’t overbrimming with energy for the whole day, but if you don’t start work this early, the videos are also available on his Youtube channel.

Another great resource on Youtube is Cosmic Kids Yoga. Yoga is a great way to keep active indoors, and channel some of that energy, and this is a child friendly channel that turns it into an interactive adventure for kids.

Finally, NHS Change 4 Life have a great library of 10 minute shake up activities based around Disney films to get the children motivated. You can filter by the number of players you have, or by the children’s favourite Disney film.


Daily Challenges

Stay connected with others by joining online challenges.

Draw With Rob – Each day Rob posts a tutorial on Twitter teaching children to illustrate. He encourages children to share their creations.

Emma Scottschild Art Club – Each morning Emma will set a task and then asks families to share their creations at the end of the day.

Listen to a story – David Walliams is sharing free audio stories for kids to listen to.

30 day Lego calendar – This printable calendar gives you a new Lego challenge every day.