A typical day in a Koru Kids Home Nursery

Familiar tribe to share every adventure with

Our home nurseries are for early years only. Your child will be with small group of others aged 6 months to 5 years that they come to know and love like family.

Your child will learn language, manners, and skills from the slightly older children, and in turn will help the little ones learn the ropes.

The outdoor and indoor adventures they have every day (whatever the weather) builds memories of a free-range childhood they'll remember for a lifetime.

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Pre-school child in a childminder setting enjoying and learning out of doors


Every day rituals

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Out adventuring every morning

Our Home Nursery children are not hemmed into one nursery space—they use their entire neighbourhood as their playground. Each morning our adventurers put on their coats, wellies, or sun hats and head out.

Our Early Educators use every nook and cranny of their local area as their classroom. Just one park might have four or five learning spaces—climbing trees one day, constructing in the sandpit the next, and bug hunting in the flower garden the day after that.

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Back to base for refuelling

Our adventurers return to base in time for a hearty family meal waiting for them in the slow cooker.

Lunch is followed by a well-earned snooze in a quiet, dark space for as long as their individual routine requires.

The older ones will do puzzles or read as they have their own quiet time to rest and restore, ready for the afternoon.

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Embedding learning with play

Our Early Educators extend that morning's learning out and about with play-based activities at home for the afternoon.

This might be a craft activity helping fine motor skills, imaginative role play, or a sensory explosion with a dollop of mess just for fun.

Children get lots of opportunity to be guided and to direct their own play, which is often when they learn best.

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Stories to set sail

Every day in one of our home nurseries ends in the same familiar way—with lots and lots of reading.

Children snuggle up for stories, poems, and the odd non-fiction book that deepen all the learning that day.

Children get the opportunity to discuss everything they've learned, and head for home fizzing with new vocabulary and swashbuckling tales to tell their parents.

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No compromise nap-time

We gently adjust your child's routine to embrace a long lunchtime nap. Always taken back at base in a quiet, dark space this ensures they are fully rested for the afternoon and not overtired for bedtime—meaning they ought to sleep well overnight, tuckered out from the day's adventure.

  • Early Educators all trained in safe sleep

  • Blackout, quiet sleep spaces

  • Not disturbed by other children

  • Clean bedding every day

  • Exact sleep minutes agreed with parents according to individual routine


Happy little tummies

Our Early Educators provide home-cooked lunch and tea every day in their settings.

Children eat as a family around the table. Younger children can be kept safe under a watchful eye, or fed until they've picked up spoon wielding skills from the others.

Fussy eaters be gone with all our children passionate about food. They learn how it grows, they explore and choose ingredients in weekly shops, and get stuck in with baking and cooking filling up many an afternoon.

  • Safe eating paramount with all Early Educators trained in choking

  • Home-cooked food made from scratch

  • Weekly changing menus

  • Table manners and skills learned from shared eating

  • Allergies catered for with Early Educators fully trained

All food is included in our all-inclusive fee.

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Typically £79 a day.


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