The best investment

Our home nurseries typically charge an all-inclusive daily fee of £79 for 10 hours.

Our nurseries never have more than 3 children per adult, so your child will get far more individual attention and learning than in a regular nursery setting. There’s no better investment for your little one’s future happiness and success. 

We can also help you claim Tax-Free Childcare, and maybe even funded hours. Learn more about financial help for childcare.

Pre-school child in a childminder setting enjoying and learning out of doors


What you'll pay

tall plant to illustrate the majority of the fee which is regular daily costs

All-inclusive daily fees

About 95% of your recurring monthly fees. This covers everything—from food to nappies to sore bottom cream. You simply send your child and their wellies.

flower to represent the small monthly fee for holiday pay

Monthly holiday contribution

Parents contribute each month to a holiday pay fund for their Early Educator. For every month your child attends full-time you pay for 1 holiday day. We adjust this for the days you actually attend. It works out around 5% of your monthly bill.

small green plant to represent the refundable deposit

£150 refundable deposit

An initial, one-off deposit to secure your child's place, paid back to you in full when your child leaves the home nursery.

Save £2,000 a year

Tax-Free childcare is available to every family so long as both parents are earning more than £142 per week and neither earns more than £100,000 per year.

You can claim 20% of your childcare costs from the Government—up to £500 every three months.

If just the thought of the forms involved in claiming give you a headache, we've got you. We'll navigate you through the bureaucracy and help ensure you get the maximum £2,000 allowance a year.

Learn more about Tax-Free Childcare at GOV.UK

Funded hours from age 3

Every child is entitled to 570 hours of free childcare a year when they turn three. This is known as '15 hours free'.

Lots of working families qualify for a further 15 hours a week—known as '30 hours free'. In total, this qualifies you for 1140 hours of childcare per year.

This Government support significantly reduces your bill, but you still need to pay the hours over and above your free entitlement, and for consumables.

Learn about support for childcare costs at GOV.UK

Fees that keep life simple


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