Your child's development

Milestone by milestone

Our home nurseries are focussed solely on the early years with children aged 6 months to 5 years only.

We focus activities specifically on the development milestones of this age group, closely following the 'Early Years Foundation Stage' or 'EYFS'. This is the same structure traditional nurseries follow.

Being in such a small group means your Early Educator will know your child inside out. They'll know what they've mastered and what they are just a few wobbly steps away from doing next... and will support them to get there.

Milestone by milestone, we get them to that first day of school when you're so proud you think you'll burst.

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Pre-school child in a childminder setting enjoying and learning out of doors

Our development pillars

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Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The EYFS is the Government set standard for the learning, development and care of your child from birth to 5 years old. All Ofsted registered settings follow it. It covers seven areas of learning:

  1. Communication and language

  2. Physical development

  3. Personal, social and emotional development

  4. Literacy

  5. Mathematics

  6. Understanding the world

  7. Expressive arts and design

The EYFS sets milestones for your child and we will continually assess them against these and we let you know where they are.

Learn about the EYFS at GOV.UK

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The Koru Kids Ethos

Our home nurseries are extra special as they are underpinned by our unique Ethos. Our Early Educators are handpicked and trained to uphold it everyday.

Our Ethos places the whole child at its heart. We deeply value intrinsic motivation brought about through positive behaviour management - so we raise emotionally resilient and happy children.

Parents value both academic success and emotional wellbeing, and they're not willing to sacrifice one for the other. Choosing a home nursery allows you to do just that. We give your child tools they use their whole life to flourish on their own unique path, whatever that might be.

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Daily Outdoor Adventures

Research shows that children that have regular and sustained access to the outdoors develop strongly both physically and emotionally. They are calmer, have better behaviour and even sleep better. Music to our ears.

Each and every day your child will don their all-weather gear and march off to today's learning space. The rich variety of settings will give them access to endless vocabulary, stimulus and diverse opportunities for movement and learning.

Our home nurseries give your child a unique childhood experience deeply centred in nature that will stay with them for a lifetime.

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Truly school ready

For us, being 'school ready' doesn't mean reciting the alphabet by rote or already writing your name neatly.

Being truly school ready means your child having rock solid self confidence and a deep and genuine love of learning. They will be ready to take on anything that primary school throws at them.

They will know in their hearts that it's okay not to be able to do something first time but that with perseverance they can learn to do anything.

It's this 'growth mindset' that is embedded into their souls with every slip from a muddy log, that will supercharge the rest of their education.

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Thoroughly trained & supported

Our Early Educators are selected for their character and natural talent to connect with and nurture your child.

Onto that we layer training in child development, the Early Years Foundation Stage and its seven areas of learning, specialist training in learning through play outdoors and positive behaviour management.

We provide resources to help them plan each day's activities tailored to your child and support them to reflect on their practice and continually assess your child's progress.

Your Early Educator will be a shining light guiding your child's early experiences. Someone they'll never forget.

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