Nanny vs. Nursery

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Comparing nursery and nanny (for your child)

With a nanny your child's needs can be responded to moment to moment by one loving adult. In larger nurseries this is never going to be possible. A revolving door of staff means they often struggle to form bonds. With a nanny a big cuddle is only a heartbeat away.

The day can be built around your child's individual routine - they can sleep when and how you want them to, they can attend the activities that they love and you have full control over their nutrition. Nurseries can be 'one size fits all'.

This goes for learning too. A nanny can tailor your child's learning in the day around their own unique personality and interests.

Comparing nanny and nursery (for your sanity)

Having a nanny makes your life 10,000 times simpler. You can handover a Cheerio-munching pyjamas-clad child and start your day. And take back over when it suits you - not when the nursery late fines start. So you can focus 100% on getting your work brain back in gear.

When your child is poorly a nanny can usually cover it. No sudden 48 hour childcare problems as they are banished from nursery. Plus, not mixing with a 30+ kids every day keeps the bugs at bay to begin with!

And... let's not forget money. When you have one child nursery can be more affordable... but with two or more children a nanny makes more sense. Your older child can be picked up from school and shuttled to activities. Homework and dinner is covered for them too.

Delivering early education

Comparing nanny costs

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Two pre-schoolers

If you have two young children your bill for double childcare is not to be sniffed at.

Nurseries charge by the child so you can easily be looking at £3,500 per month.

A nanny could often be less - and you get the convenience of childcare bespoke to your family.

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One little and a couple of bigs

If some of your children are in school, having a nanny for your little one can make things simpler for your bigger kids too.

No more paying for after-school club.

Your nanny can be there at the school gates and get them shuttled off to activities or home for comfy clothes, play and a hearty tea.

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Nanny share

If you have a local friend or family member also needing childcare a nanny share can be a great option.

You can split the cost of the nanny between two families, making it a comparable cost to nursery with all the convenience of a nanny.

Koru Kids can help you sort out contracts and all the admin headaches.

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