Early years full-day nannies - the cost lowdown

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Headline costs for our concierge full-day nanny service

  • Full-day nannies typically cost between £13-£18 per hour (gross). A very experienced nanny may be more.

  • You need to allow around 11-12% in addition for this to cover your employer tax contributions, national insurance and pension contributions.

  • You pay Koru Kids a one-off service fee of £1,500 on contract - which covers the cost of our checks and mandatory training, as well as your running ongoing payroll and employer support. This second part saves you £500 a year that you'd have to pay to a payroll company.

  • For a full-time nanny (40 hours a week) at £13 an hour you're looking at an annual cost of circa £33,000.

  • You need to pay for 28 days of paid holiday - typical in a full-day nanny contract. This is included in the figure above.

Are you looking for an after-school nanny?

Koru Kids has a different fee structure for our after-school nannies. We charge from £13.50 an hour all-inclusive of our fee and any extras.

For those hires we do NOT charge a £1,500 fee.

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What our £1,500 fee covers

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Getting your nanny set up

  • We will find you a nanny to meet your needs and introduce you.

  • We will rigorously vet them - taking and checking out references and running an enhanced DBS check (if they haven't already got one).

  • We will ensure your nanny has taken a 12 hour paediatric first-aid training course.

  • We will draw up your contract and negotiate out any niggles on your behalf.

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Keeping things ticking over

  • Each month run your payroll, so your nanny can be paid accurately and on time.

  • We will register you with HMRC and the Pensions Regulator and ensure your contributions are correct.

  • We keep on top of any changes to employment law that might affect you so that you are always fully-compliant as an employer.

  • We provide public liability insurance so that your nanny is covered.

Large plant showing that as you want to expand your childminder business Koru Kids is there to support you

Holding your hand

  • We are there to help you overcome any niggles of day-to-day employer issues, so you're never alone to sort things.

  • Our childcare coaches (teachers, long-standing nannies and early years experts) are on hand to give your nanny any advice or mentoring they need day-to-day.

  • We can help with early years learning advice, weaning, sleep, activities and everything in-between.

The (not so) small print

We pride ourselves on the transparency of our costs so here's the small print. Written quite big.

  • Our fee includes VAT.

  • Our fee is payable once at the start of your contract. If you stay with that nanny you never pay any more to us - unless you choose to offer your nanny some of our fantastic additional training.

  • If you break up with your nanny within 2 months (regardless of the reason) we will waive your fee when you rematch with us. This applies to long term arrangements of more than 3 months. For short term arrangements will will waive the fee for a rematch within 2 weeks.

  • You can have a (paid) trial with your nanny up to 20 hours before deciding to offer a role. We'll sort the set up and payment.

  • You are under no obligation to use our payroll service - if you prefer not to - but this does not result in any discount on the fee. Your nanny will not be covered under our public liability insurance if you do not use our payroll service.

  • We will take our payments via Direct Debit. You pay the nanny's net salary direct to them, or via Tax-Free Childcare.

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Using Tax Free Childcare

Tax free childcare is a government scheme that gets you up to £2,000 off your annual childcare bill.

To qualify neither you nor your partner can individually earn £100,000.

We can arrange for your nanny to become Ofsted Registered so that you can take advantage of this scheme. There is a cost involved in this - but it is vastly offset by the savings you'll make.

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