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Step 1: Tell us your story

Getting a nanny who truly rocks with the way your family rolls starts with listening.

After you've registered we take the time to really, really understand what you need... in terms of practical things like days, times and geography. As well as the softer stuff like your parenting style and the kind of skills you'd love your nanny to have.

Step 2: Whittling-free intros

No trawling through endless mediocre profiles, looking for a hidden gem. We will make it our mission to ensure any profiles we send you are good viable options.

We'll then support you to interview them (giving you tips if needed) so you can make a choice with confidence.

In the background we'll have verified their qualifications and experience - and taken and checked-out references. Which, of course, we can send you too.

Step 3: No-obligation trials

You can arrange a trial with your nanny for up to 20 hours before you make a decision.

It give you a chance to see your nanny interact with your child and feel confident you're making the right choice.

Step 4: Stress-free negotiation

We'll do all the hard work to get you into a watertight contract with terms everyone is happy with.

If there are any tricky conversations to be had, let us handle those. This enables any quibbles to be ironed out before they mar the relationship from the start.

We can advise you on making sure your contract is fair and you're fully compliant as an employer - giving you true peace of mind.

Step 5: Always in your corner

Unlike other agencies we don't just wave you off into the sunset after taking our fee.

We stay with you. We'll be running your payroll month to month but also can be called upon at any time to help you mediate any tricky conversations that come up.

We can offer your nanny coaching, if needed. Or help you overcome any employment difficulties. In most cases, this is not needed - but its nice to know you have back-up.

A sensible agency fee for a true relationship

By charging a percentage some agency fees can add up to £3,000 or even £5,000. And that's just to kiss you bye bye.

We charge £1500. And we stay with you.

Our one-off fee (payable on contract) covers us finding, vetting and setting up your nanny. We also run your ongoing payroll and continue to be there to support your nanny as an early educator - and you as an employer. This saves you £500+ per year in payroll agency fees.

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Full-day nannies concierge matching service... in a nutshell

Are you looking for an after-school nanny?

Koru Kids has a different fee structure for our after-school nannies. We charge from £13.50 an hour all-inclusive of our fee and any extras.

For those hires we do NOT charge a £1,500 fee.

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