Is my home suited to becoming a home nursery?

Small, but perfectly formed

As a Koru Kids Early Educator, you’ll spend your mornings out in your local green spaces, returning for lunch, snoozes and afternoon play at home.

This means even a modest home can be perfectly suitable. There is no need to have a garden, and a flat can work well.

Our minimum requirements

  • Everyone over 16 living with you needs an enhanced DBS check, so having a criminal record can be problematic.

  • No one should smoke on the premises or in the garden. Ever.

  • You need an area clear of furniture for children to play (and store toys). Around 4 square metres—the equivalent of 2 by 2 metres—is the minimum.

  • You need to be able to manage any stairs with 3 young children, so you can’t be too many floors up (without a lift).

  • You can’t be on a very busy road that would pose a hazard to young children leaving your house.

  • You need a dark, quiet space for children to nap, separate from the play space

Transforming your home to a home nursery

Play space

A play space clear of furniture of around 4 square metres, e.g. 2x2 metres (minimum), equipped with a range of good quality open-ended toys and resources.

Nap space

A safe, hygienic place for children to nap.

Most people pop travel cots up in their own, or their child’s, bedroom.

Dining space

Somewhere for children to eat around a table. This can be a low table, or an adult dining area with booster seats or highchairs.

Reading nook

A small reading zone where books can be celebrated and enjoyed by children.

Front-facing shelves at a low level work well.

Arrival zone

An area to greet parents dropping their children off, where coats and shoes are stored alongside your register and other paperwork.


If you have an outdoor space, parents will expect you to make use of it for children, so it will need to be tidied and safe with some play opportunities.


Safety first

You will need to risk assess your home and address any hazards.

Most often, this means installing stairgates to zone off areas, adding cupboard locks, a fire blanket, and bracing any furniture or TVs that could topple onto children. You’ll need to make sure toiletries and cleaning products are stored out of reach of little hands.

Your home will need to be kept clean to high standards. Common sense really.

Our support

We offer loads of support in getting your home ready. We give you training and tips around setting up your spaces. We can offer you a £500 interest-free loan to buy the safety equipment and resources you need. More, in certain circumstances.

Our home-design team come out to give you advice on making your home stand out to parents, so that you can set the best price for your childcare.


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