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Koru Kids childminder courses

When you become a childminder with Koru Kids, we cover all your training costs. You'll learn everything you need to know legally, and lots lots more about bringing up great kids.

We're the ones who visit your setting to register you, so we've designed our pre-registration training around what you really need to know. Just the vital information without being weighed down revising unnecessary extras.

However, we teach you much more after you've passed - so you feel totally ready.

If you're thinking about applying, you can take our free introductory childcare course first. You'll cover the basics and learn if a career in childcare is right for you, pre-application.

Pre-school child in a childminder setting enjoying and learning out of doors

The pre-registration childminder courses we offer

Box representing the space pre-school children need to have to learn within a childminder setting

Introductory course (pre-application)

Wondering what a career in childcare really looks like? We cover pathways and qualifications in childcare, and give you a taste of some of the topics in our formal childminder training.

You don't need to apply to become a childminder to take this course. It takes less than an hour and it's online–easy peasy.

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Box representing the space pre-school children need to have to learn within a childminder setting


Once you've applied and been approved to become a Koru Kids childminder, you'll start your formal training. Taught online by one of our friendly experts, Safeguarding training will get you familiar with the ‘safeguarding spectrum’ and the ways in which children can be harmed.

This is vital to ensure the safety of the children in your setting, and one of Ofsted's legal requirements.

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Early Years Foundation Stage

You'll get comprehensive training on Learning & Development and Welfare Requirements.

We cover the principles of the EYFS and how they relate to your role. You'll become an expert in learning through play—ready for sessions filled with inspired storytelling, messy activities, and outdoor adventures.

Tent showing that as a Koru Kids childminder you will do a lot of your early years teaching outside

First Aid

Our paediatric first aid course is delivered partly online, partly in person.

You'll be taught how to identify serious illnesses and manage emergency situations. You'll also learn how to handle minor injuries—apart from a fully stocked first aid kit, we recommend laughter and plenty of cuddles.

Tent showing that as a Koru Kids childminder you will do a lot of your early years teaching outside

Food, Sleep and Assessment Tips

We've created specific e-learning modules you can complete in your own time—Safe Sleep Training, Introduction to Food Hygiene, and Pre-Registration Assessment Visit training.

By the time you're preparing for your assessment visit, you'll be fully clued up on allergies and food safety, sleep safety, and know exactly what to expect during the actual visit.


Post-registration training

Once you're registered, there's still lots to learn so that you are really amazing at your job.

We don't weigh you down with knowledge to revise pre-registration that you don't legally need to know - but after you're passed we have lots of exciting training so that you really wow parents.

Our post-registration modules are unique to Koru Kids and include:

  • Outdoor learning - so you feel equipped to deliver the EYFS outside rain or shine

  • Positive behaviour management - to keep your setting and yourself fluster free

  • Quality teaching - to deepen your understanding of the EYFS

  • How to wow parents and give tours - so filling spaces is a breeze

  • How to run a business - and stay on top of paperwork

  • How to set up your home - tips and tricks to create an amazing setting without spending the earth

  • How to serve food in your setting - for happy tummies every day

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Ongoing support

We make sure your training prepares you to start working as a childminder, but it doesn't stop there. We'll keep you up-to-date with the latest childcare philosophies and all your legal requirements as your business thrives.

Our business support advice and ongoing continued professional development will help you continue to operate successfully.

We make sure you don't just satisfy Ofsted requirements, but that you have everything you need to get a Good or Outstanding rating.

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