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Customer Support - Nanny Applications Team

Flexible, part-time, remote-friendly

At Koru Kids we have a triple mission: to support working parents during the hardest years of their life, to give children the best possible childhood to allow them to flourish as adults, and to create really great jobs for childcarers.

We’re looking for friendly, switched on and hardworking human beings to join our fast growing Nanny Applications team.

This is a great role for students or for anyone looking for another role alongside other part-time work, internships or personal projects.

You might have previous experience within a customer service or recruitment role, or working as a nanny, but this isn’t essential at all.

If you are looking for something full-time, we'd love you to apply to our similar role here.


About the role

The nanny applications team’s role is Koru Kids is crucial. Their job is to make sure we select the right people from the thousands who apply to be Koru Kids nannies.

You’ll be the first point of contact for applicants and will support them throughout their application, and so you’ll know the application journey inside and out.

You’ll be making decisions about whether an applicant is suitable to be a nanny through interviews and references. We need to make sure that every nanny is going to be a great addition to a family, and you’ll learn what qualities to look for.

Most of your day will be spent communicating with applicants and their references over the phone or by email. You’ll also be working with the team to complete admin tasks and ensure every application is processed efficiently.


About the logistics & pay

Your working hours will be flexible and you’ll have the ability to adjust your hours week to week. We're typically looking for a minimum of 15 hours a week, with up to 40+ hours a week available. Typically shifts are available between 9-6 on weekdays - though you don’t need to do full days. There will be the possibility of weekends and evenings too.

We love being able to offer a flexible role, but we are also looking for people who really want to get stuck and commit to working with a fun and thriving, mostly remote, team.

You must be eligible to work full time in the UK on a self-employed basis for this role.

This role can be remote, but also there is the opportunity to go into our office if you are London based.

The pay is £9.25p/h, with room for progression.


What we’re looking for

  • You love speaking to new people. You’re warm, friendly and personable.

  • You’re a team player and love the sense of achievement from working together to get stuff done.

  • You’ll happily get stuck in and give something a go, but are equally happy to ask for help when you need it.

  • You’re able to write clearly and accurately, with perfect spelling and grammar.

  • You’re focussed and work at a fast pace. You can manage your own time and prioritise tasks effectively.

  • You have good judgement and can spot inconsistencies. You aren’t afraid to question things.

  • You’re detail-oriented. You’re able to input and update data accurately.

  • You roll with it. You understand that startups are unpredictable environments. You are comfortable with a degree of chaos.

  • You’re nice. You get that no player is bigger than the team. You fit right into our culture of supporting and helping each other, whilst improving childcare.


A typical few shifts


9.45am - You grab a coffee and jump on a quick call with the rest of the nanny applications team to go over the plan for today. ☕

10.00am - You're making your first reference call of the day. This employer is infectiously enthusiastic about about how wonderful their babysitter is and it puts you in a great mood. You send off some reminders to references due to be called later and monitor the replies.

10.30am - You help out a teammate with a few phone interviews as bookings are busy this morning. The first applicant you speak to has raised their own children as well as working in a school for 15 years, and you think they will be a brilliant fit. Next you speak to someone who isn't very enthusiastic and you struggle to get them to talk about their experience. They won't be the right fit. This is a shame but you know how crucial it is to only progress the best candidates.

11.30am - You are monitoring any incoming calls. As well as speaking to a couple of references, you also speak to an applicant who in a bit of a panic about what identity documents they should upload. You resolve their confusion and they end the call sharing how helpful and calming you have been. 😊

1pm - As you are finishing at 2pm today, you cover a team mates interview calls as they take their lunch. The first applicant you call has heaps of hobbies and you think any child they look after will never get bored.

2pm - Signing off for the day! A seminar on metaphysics awaits... 😬


1pm - After a morning in the library (surprisingly productive!), you have headed home to have some lunch before starting an afternoon shift.

2pm - You're reviewing candidates' training responses this afternoon. It's a fairly new task you've taken on and you really enjoy trying it out again. You load up the data and your attention to detail and judgement is vital as you work through the list of candidates. 👩‍💻

3.45pm - It's time for a quick catch-up with your manager. You talk through your progress on the new tasks you've been working on and what's next on the list.

4pm - It's time to review some profiles of applicants who have nearly completed their applications to make sure they are ready to present to families. You reflect on the total diversity of backgrounds and experience of our nannies which makes reviewing endlessly interesting. You go from reading a profile of a pianist who volunteers with a mental health charity, to an aspiring nursery owner with 3 children, to a Sociology student who enjoys mudlarking on the Thames (you have to Google that one!).

5.30pm - You do a final reference call of the day. You are calling an applicant's former nanny employer in California, so you catch them as their day is just beginning! Your day is almost at a close, and after a replying couple of final emails in the inbox, you say goodbye to the team and sign off to enjoy your evening. 👋

About us

Koru Kids is building the world’s best childcare service. We’re making it easier and more affordable for families to access high quality childcare. We’re growing like crazy, are backed by fantastic investors, including top venture capitalists and business angels, and have won a bunch of awards.

Our culture is informal, hard-working and kind. The team is an A++ when it comes to talent but our "no dickheads" rule means we're also a humble and supportive bunch. We’re also really committed to working with integrity, doing the right thing and building a company we are truly proud of.