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Our guide to nanny share


Nanny Share Guide

Interested in nanny share but don't know where to start? Here's our Koru Kids guide to all things nanny share - how to find a family, working out logistics, what are the pros and cons, and how it compares to other childcare on cost. Everything you need to know about nanny share!

This is aimed mainly at shares where a nanny is looking after the children of two families at the same time. We're also talking about families which involve at least one under 4 year old (preschooler) and have full day requirements, though can include older children who also need pick up and drop off too.

Nanny shares come in all shapes and sizes. The days and hours that both families need don’t have to overlap completely. For example, if one family needs Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday they can share with a family who just needs Monday and Tuesday.

You also come across shares where the care doesn’t overlap at all. For example, if one family needs Monday and Tuesday they can share with another family who needs Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. If you only need 2 days of care, you're much more likely to find a nanny if you can find a family to fill the other 3 days as most nannies are looking to work 40 hours a week.

What is nanny share?

Nanny share is where one nanny looks after the children of two families. Here's our introduction to nanny share. The introduction covers things like:

  • What are the benefits for your child?

  • What are the benefits for you?

  • What else should you consider?

Finding another family

  • The first step in a successful nanny share is finding a family to share with. The best families will live nearby (walking distance) and have similar attitudes and needs to those of your family.

  • Our free Koru Kids' family finder tool will help you find local families to share with. Make sure you use your personal link in your local Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter channels to get best response!

  • Local mums' and dads' Facebook pages are a great place to look for families to share with in your area.

  • How far in advance should I look for another family to share with? We find most parents are looking for their family pair from 2-6 months ahead of their ideal start date. This gives you time to find a good family to pair with and then go through your nanny selection process.

  • How do the logistics work? This is something your early discussions with other potential families should cover. Think about timings, activities, whether the care will take place at one or both homes, and how you cover costs such as food, activities and any equipment (like a double buggy) between you.

  • But also consider what you would like your nanny to be like, and make sure you align on your key requirements from your potential nanny.

Finding a nanny

So you've found your perfect family to pair with (or perhaps you haven't yet but want to start looking for a sole nanny first)! Now it's time to sign up for the Baby & Toddler nanny service here.

  • We'll ask you during registration whether you're looking for a sole nanny, a share nanny, or are open to both. We'll ask you some core questions about what you need and ask you family pair to sign up as well. Shortly after registering we'll talk you through our process, get any further specifics from you and start sending you some great nannies who fit your criteria.

  • What does a nanny share cost? Koru Kids' nanny shares - when your nanny is looking after both families' children at the same time - cost from £10 per hour per family, which is an all in cost. There are no upfront fees involved.

  • Here are our general tips on interviewing your nanny and specific tips for interviewing your nanny share

  • Here's some helpful tips on what the nanny might be wondering about a potential share as well at the interview stage.

Employing your nanny

  • Admin and contracts - Koru Kids take care of all this for you. We make sure each family is set up as an employer with HMRC and has an employment contract with your nanny that is appropriately proportioned to the hours that you each use.

  • Tax and pension - yes, there are taxes to pay (Employer's National Insurance and Employer's Pension) but Koru Kids takes care of all of these, and we work out how it is split over your share as well - so no need to worry. We'll take care of it. And the shared payroll.

  • Holidays - our contracts allow nannies 28 days holiday (including 8 bank holidays). We recommend that each family chooses 1 week holiday and the nanny chooses 2 weeks. This should all be done with discussion and with plenty of notice so you can all plan optimally.

  • Sick leave and maternity leave - here at Koru Kids, we cover statutory sick leave and statutory maternity leave.

  • How does Ofsted work? Ofsted registration for nannies is voluntary. The big benefit to you as a parent is that you can pay from your tax free childcare account (if you are eligible for tax free childcare) which could save you up to £2,000 per year per child.

  • Can I use tax free child care? The answer is YES, if your household is eligible. Both parents in your household need to earn below £100k p.a., and you can then set up a tax free childcare account, which could save you up to £2,000 per year per child. Your nanny needs to be Ofsted registered (or willing to get Ofsted registered) for you to access this.

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I'm so glad we found out about nanny sharing. It's the perfect solution for us - it's affordable and my 18 month old has a friend in the daytime, whilst also getting great attention and development from our amazing nanny. AND we've now got an extended family - an unexpected benefit!

- Mum of one

Steps to a nanny share

1. Find a family

Sign up to our Family Finder tool (below) to find a local family to share with

2. Find a nanny

We'll find you some great nannies to interview and select from

3. Get set up

We do all the admin - contracts, payroll and set up across the share so that it's easy for you to get started with your nanny

4. Enjoy!

Sit back and relax as your new nanny fits into your lives seamlessly, and also receives ongoing training and development to be the best nanny they can be

Quick FAQs

Is Nanny share cheaper? –

Yes! One of the core benefits of sharing a nanny is that it works out about 30-35% cheaper per family compared to a sole nanny. This is comparable to nursery costs in many parts of London. Our nanny shares cost from £10 per hour per family all inclusive. Find out more about our nanny share pricing here.

How do I find a family to share with? –

Either use our free Family Finder tool to connect with families also looking for a nanny share in your area, or use your local parents groups on Facebook.

Are there nannies available to share in my area? –

We have good coverage of nannies for nanny share across London. Register with us today to find out more.

What qualifications does the nanny have? –

Your nanny will have specific baby and toddler experience and be fully vetted. We have a variety of nannies to meet your needs. Find out more here.

What hours can the nanny do? –

Start by working out what you and your share family need. Nannies are quite flexible with early starts and late finishes, but are generally looking for 30-40 hours a week.

Can a nanny also do after school pick up? –

Yes! Your nanny can do drop off and pick up for an older child - the key is that you've discussed this with your share family (if they don't have a school run to be done) to make sure they're happy with this.

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