Which childcare option is right for me?

You’ve let us know you want your child to get lots of 1:1 attention. We think our nanny service could be perfect for you!

Here’s why we think a nanny could be the perfect fit for your family:

  • Your child builds a strong bond with a trusted caregiver. Our nannies get to know your child inside out—look out for each nannies ‘superpowers’ on their profile, to match their personality and interests to your child’s. 
  • Choose a nanny based on their experience level, from super smart university students to those with years of teaching experience. 
  • Our families tell us time and time again that their nanny is a priceless mental health investment for the whole family. Kids are happier and calmer. And parents, having the space to breathe can bring their best selves to parenting.
nanny and childminder looking after children