Which childcare option is right for me?

You’ve let us know that you’d like your child to be cared for with other children outside your home. We think our Home Nursery service could be perfect for you!

Here’s why we think a home nursery could be the perfect fit for your family:

  • Under 5s are cared for in the home of a local Early Educator, with full-day places (8am-6pm) and part-time places available.
  • 3 children to 1 adult means little ones benefit from lots of individual attention but have other children to learn from and grow with.
  • Our Early Educators are forest education trained, so each morning is spent exploring the great outdoors, before heading back to base for a warming meal and to continue the learning into the afternoon.
  • As an Ofsted-registered childminder agency, we have statutory powers to qualify and inspect childminders. All our Early Educators are rigorously vetted, trained, and fully registered through us. Quality, assured.