Which childcare option is right for me?

You’ve let us know that you’d like your child to have individual, 1:1 care in your home. We think our Nanny service could be perfect for you!

Here’s why we think a nanny could be the perfect fit for your family:

    • Your little one can relax in the comfort and familiar environment of your own home and benefit from lots of 1:1 attention.
    • Our nannies can cover pickups, den-making, glitter fests, and baking sessions. Plus, if you’re keen for your child to spend more time outdoors, our nannies can take them to the local playground to burn off any pent-up energy.
    • Your child builds a strong bond with a trusted caregiver. Our nannies get to know your child inside out—look out for each nanny’s superpowers on their profile, to match their personality and interests to your child’s. 
    • You can hire a nanny for just the hours you need (from 3 hours per week).