We asked two of our after school nannies to tell us a little bit about themselves. What’s it like being a Koru Kids nanny, and what advice would they give others who are thinking of applying?


Pietro studies Geography at UCL. He’s been looking after a 6 year old boy in Finsbury Park since January 2018.

How did you discover Koru Kids?

I knew I wanted a job working with children. I’d previously worked in summer camps and in a refugee camp while I was at school in the Netherlands and really enjoyed it. I found the after school nanny role on the university job board and after a lot of research it seemed like the only job that would work well around my studies.

What’s your relationship with the family like?

We have really great communication everyday which makes things really easy. For example, we both found a way to make it work when my timetable changed. I know they really value me, the mum said to me on Friday “You have no idea how much you’ve enhanced the quality of my life”. They tell me every day how grateful they are.

The little boy was quite shy to start with but over time we’ve build a great relationship. I’m really into sport so we play frisbee a lot at the local park which has helped us build a better bond. He also loves lego and I used to love it as a child too. We’ve built spaceships and robots and then we make up creative stories with them. It’s so much fun for both of us and it’s really helped him to be more confident around me.

Although I’m Italian, I also speak Spanish so I’ve been teaching him different words. He often greats me with Hola!

It’s a lot of responsibility looking after children, it’s really important to built a good relationship but when you do it’s very rewarding.

What would you say to someone that wasn’t sure about becoming an after school nanny?

Koru Kids are always available and there to support me. I’ve always felt very taken care of by them. There was no pressure when I was choosing a family. They really want it work for you. I’m so happy I joined. I continued with the family in September which shows how much I enjoy it.


Alex works with a family near Victoria Park and looks after their two daughters who are 6 and 2 years old, and takes Educational Studies at St Mary’s University.

How did you discover Koru Kids?

I looked for 2 years for a part-time nanny job, searching endless websites, but I never found a job. Then I discovered Koru Kids and it couldn’t have been simpler. I attended the training, and was then quickly matched up with my family who live really near me.

How does the job work with your studies?

It’s the perfect job if you’re studying. I just wish I’d found it earlier! I’m on track for a 1st and I haven’t had to compromise on my studies to make the role work. When my studies are lighter I help the family out more with babysitting and extra hours. When my workload increased they were then really understanding. We communicate really well about what’s going on in our lives, so we can both help each other. It’s also really local so very convenient.

What’s your relationship with the family like?

The parents are really lovely. I know they genuinely care about me and they’re always asking how my studies are going. I know I make a difference to their lives and they are always so grateful to me for helping them.

I’ve build a really special bond with the kids. Because of my uni schedule, I was actually available from lunchtimes onwards some days and luckily Koru Kids were able to find me a family that wanted care from noon. I pick the little girl from nursery at 12pm, get the bus home, I make lunch and then we play. She loves puzzles– I’ve loved watching her grow and develop. She gets better and better at them, she used to ask for help “Alex help me” and now she can do it in two seconds, now it’s “Alex look I’ve done it”. It’s so rewarding to watch her develop and grow in confidence. There is so much joy in the everyday and how much the kids change.

We then pick up the eldest girl from school, we come home and make dinner. I help her with her homework which my degree has really helped with. She’s really bright and I’ve been able to use different techniques to help her become more independent with her homework.

What would you say to someone thinking of becoming an after school nanny?

Absolutely go for it! It’s been the best job I could have hoped for while studying. Even if you’re slightly worried­, Koru Kids are always there to support you. They take care of all the admin like contracts, paying you and taxes.  It’s been an incredible experience. You get to hang out and have fun with kids—it’s pretty awesome.