It’s another lockdown, and you have to brace yourself before you suggest going on another walk to the kids. The same lap. The same bored faces… Looks like we need some more exciting things to do in lockdown.

We reached out to the “Bringing up great kids” community to find out if there is anything fun we’re still allowed to do. Good news…there is!

Treasure Trails

Become a detective and explore the hidden corners of your local area with Treasure Trails. You can print them off or get them posted to you. Your kids will be cracking clues to solve a mystery, all while getting some fresh air. You’ll also find out lots of interesting little things about your neighbourhood.

Things to do in lockdwon

Big Garden Birdwatch

Get back to nature and away from Zoom, by becoming part of RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch between 29th-31st January. Enjoy the wildlife that’s on your doorstep for an hour, counting all the birds that land nearby. RSPB has a guide on how to identify the birds. Then, you can upload your findings online to be part of the world’s largest bird survey this January. What sort of unique birds will you find?


Be part of the world’s largest, real-life treasure hunt! Geocaches are small treasure boxes hidden outdoors. You can find them using coordinates on a map and the Geocaching app. They usually contain a logbook for you to leave a message for the next explorer who finds it, or even a unique trinket someone else has left for you to swap with. There are millions of geocaches around the world, and 8,717 in London to be precise. You use your phone’s GPS to find coordinates where geocaches are hidden – you can log each one you find and even share your stories, photos and discoveries online with others within the community.

Things to do in lockdown

Night walks

Freshen up your usual route by walking it in the dark, when the sun has gone down. Take a torch with you, and listen carefully for sounds you wouldn’t usually hear during the day. Or look out for animals you wouldn’t usually see: owls, foxes, bats, badgers… The crunchy leaves, stars and moon… what else will you see and hear? The kids will look forward to it at the end of the day, and it will get out that last burst of energy they always seem to have stored up for the evening.

Scavenger hunt

Give the kids a list of things to find and pick up to bring home. They could even take a photo to prove they’ve spotted things, on a walk around the local area. The older kids will love the chance to snap some pictures, and we all know how much little ones love to pick up random bits and bobs—now they have an excuse to! If the kids are feeling extra creative, get them to make their own scavenger hunt lists.

Things to do in lockdown