Why becoming a childminder with Koru Kids could be the best decision you will make

Childminding isn’t an obvious career choice to everyone. But it’s a job where you get autonomy, and can make a real difference.

Here’s a short clip of our founder and CEO, Rachel Carrell, explaining why becoming a childminder is such a great decision.


Thinking of becoming a childminder?

Becoming a childminder: control your own time, make a great income, and impact the future of children

Just like Rachel said, there are so many reasons becoming a childminder with Koru Kids is a great decision. You will be able to:

  • Work from home. You cut out lengthy commutes and traffic jams; cut down on your carbon footprint; and gain control over your own ‘office’
  • If you have children of your own, you can look after them at the same time! Not a lot of jobs let you spend time with your own children while you’re working
  • Shape the future of the children in their care. Development during the first five years are absolutely vital for a child’s entire life
  • Earn more than you might think. Depending on how many days you work and if you take on an assistant, childminders in inner London can earn up to £70,000 per year with Koru Kids
childminder reads book to children in the park

Childminders who are self-employed with us receive so much extra support

  • You won’t have to deal with Ofsted. We are an Ofsted-registered childminding agency, and send out friendly assessors who offer you extra support and advice. All of this will help you get a Good or Outstanding rating
  • Our world-class training programme is free, and really in-depth. So, you will have all the tools and knowledge you need to offer amazing childcare
  • We help you locate families and arrange parent tours, using our well-loved and respected brand to give you a professional way to operate
  • We are a welcoming community with so much knowledge to share. In our support network, we have a Facebook group for childminders. And our friendly advisors are always at hand to answer any questions
  • You don’t have to worry about the pesky admin
    • we already have accountants at the ready to help you sort your taxes and claim expenses
    • you will be covered by our insurance, and we even have a pension-provider sorted
    • we help you find and train assistants if you want to expand
    • you’ll be provided with policies and forms
    • we provide you with educational resources like learning journals and activity cards, and our Koru Ethos
    • we make sure you get up to 20 days of paid holiday

If you want to work from home, earn well, and make a real difference to children and society, consider becoming a childminder with Koru Kids. It really is the best decision you could make!

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Thinking of becoming a childminder?