Hi nannies and parents! Here’s your daily schedule for Tuesday. You don’t have to follow this exactly (or at all if you don’t want to), and the timings are just there as a guide. But we hope it’ll give you some ideas and inspiration – you may need to adapt some of the suggestions depending on the age of the children.

We want to make sure this is a useful resource for you, so please get in touch with any feedback you have (what worked well and what didn’t), and any ideas for activities to include in future editions. Just email askalex@korukids.co.uk.

If you're a nanny, don't forget you can also chat to other nannies and share ideas in our Nanny Facebook Group. If you're a parent, you can join the Parent Facebook Group here. We'd love to see what you and the children are up to.

9am – Get active!

Today's theme is: Music (but don't tell the kids yet!)

Follow along with this livestream for some fun PE activities to burn off some energy at the beginning of the day.

9.30am – Crafts

Introduce today's theme: Music. Together, make your own xylophone! You'll need to fill up some glasses, jugs or water bottles with different levels of water. Line them up from least to most full. Get out a wooden spoon from the kitchen and start experimenting with the different sounds.

10.30am – Have a morning snack

Prepare a morning snack with the children. Fruit is always a healthy and tasty option. Get the children involved in washing any fruit or veg you prepare, and if it's age appropriate and the parents are happy for you to do so, the children can help you cut up the fruit. Here's a guide on safe cutting techniques to use with primary school aged children.

11am – Coding

If the school have sent home any homework for the children, now's a great time to do that. Otherwise, let the children try out this fun coding project, where you can code your own musical instruments. If you crack that one, try out this project which turns into a musical game. You'll need to download the software on the computer beforehand so it's all set up and ready to go.

12pm – Have lunch

Prepare a healthy lunch with the children. You can try out some of these recipes and remember to really get the children involved. Here's a breakdown of ways children of different ages can help.

1pm – Writing

If there's still school work to finish, keep going with that. If not, why not write a song! Start off with a theme of your choice and get creative – it's a bit like writing a poem. The children could then perform it with homemade instruments as an extra touch. Get out the pots and pans, empty milk cartons, bowls – whatever you have lying around – or fill containers with buttons, rice or pebbles and give them a shake. Don't forget to also use the xylophone you made earlier!

2pm – Get active

If you're able to get outside do! Go out into the garden if you have one and give the children the chance to run out some energy. If you can't get outside, stick on some tunes and get dancing! Play songs with a variety of tempos and when the music speeds up, speed up your moves, and when the music slows then slow with it too. See who can come up with the most interesting move.

3pm – Music

Play a game called 'What's That Sound?'. Play the sounds of different musical instruments first so they can be identified. Then play simple songs and ask the children to identify the different instruments. For older children you can make it harder by playing more complicated songs. You could also play music from different parts of the world and try and identify where they come from, as well as what instruments are being used. They might not use instruments you know of so it's a great time to look up and find out more about the different instruments used in other cultures.

3.30pm – Quiet time and afternoon snack

This is when the children would normally be finishing school so they're likely to be tired. A bit of quiet time and a snack is a great way to mark the end of the structured day and signal to the children that their free time is about to start. Why not wind down with a guided meditation?

3.45pm onwards – Do what you would normally do after school

Let the children lead imagination games, play their favourite games, and read their favourite books. Stay connected with others by joining online challenges and prompts.

Draw With Rob – Each day Rob posts a tutorial on Twitter teaching children to illustrate. He encourages children to share their creations.
Emma Scottschild Art Club –  Each morning Emma will set a task and then asks families to share their creations at the end of the day.
Listen to a story – David Walliams is sharing free audio stories for kids to listen to.
30 day Lego calendar – This printable calendar gives you a new Lego challenge every day.