Don't just take our word for it! Here are some of the things that our happy nannies and families have been saying about us recently.

“I’m newly retired and here is a job that I’m qualified to do and that I could enjoy. The hours suit me too! I had worked in a primary school and had spent the last four years caring for my grandsons. Koru Kids arranged introductions to families and I start work with a lovely family next week.”  – Moira, Grandmother of two

“This job provides great pay, flexible hours and an option to choose a place to work that is close to home. Koru Kids also provides additional training and a First Aid course which was very beneficial” – Koru Kids nanny

“As I am from the Middle East, my culture is different to that of most people in the UK. So, I would like to thank Koru Kids for providing this opportunity for people like me, which has introduced me to a different culture and allowed me to socialise and mix with different people either at school when I pick up the kids or in the park where I take the kids to play. Also, Koru Kids provides very good facilities such as a training course (Boot Camp), a First Aid course, the ability to choose my working days hours, and most importantly being able to choose the family I work with which is not far from home. All Koru Kids staff are lovely, friendly and very supportive. I would strongly recommend Koru Kids for all nannies and families.” – Nashwah, Grandmother of two

“As a nanny I have all the support I could need, and if I’m not sure on anything I can email, knowing I’ll get a reply that day. The family I work for seem to like it too, as far as I’m aware they have no complaints.” – Koru Kids nanny

“From the perspective of a nanny, Koru Kids are super supportive. From the application process, during the training and throughout my time with the wonderful family I was connected with, I felt like I could get advice and have my questions answered whenever I needed it. As well as this, it’s clear that Koru Kids takes pride in the way in which they connect nannies and families together. I could not have asked for a better family as a nanny and this is down to the time and care Koru Kids puts in to their work. I’d recommend their services to families and nannies alike!” – Koru Kids nanny

“It’s a lovely job that allows me to still have time for myself and you meet some really lovely people. Also the process is in no way intimidating.” – Koru Kids nanny

“Great company to work for in terms of the continued support that is offered” – Koru Kids nanny

“The job is fun and fulfilling! It’s a joy to be around and help the kids.” – Koru Kids nanny

She really is fantastic. A proper grown-up. She knows some of our neighbours and is part of our community, which feels more important than I expected it to. She’s a great role model. She spends time doing art with our kids and actually seems to be enjoying them (so far). She is very straight forward to communicate with, which is half the battle won.” – Koru Kids family

“You found me a lovely nanny. I’m happy, my children are happy. Life is better.” – Koru Kids family

“Last week was the final week of Daniela’s nannying for our family. Thank you so much for having connected her with us. She was the perfect and ideal nanny we had been looking for. Daniela often taught Spanish to my son on the way home and now he can speak it at elementary level. I heard from my wife that both Daniela and she could not help crying hard in her last day when she dropped our boy to the flat. Our family all miss her so much!” – Koru Kids family

“The service has removed a significant headache for me.” – Koru Kids family

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