1. Get out the board games

Surely everyone has a cupboard full of old board games? Dust them off and challenge the kids to a game or two.

2. Play Hide and Seek

Who doesn't love a game of hide and seek? 

3. Set up a treasure hunt around the house

This one takes a bit of time but is a guaranteed way to keep the kids entertained. Depending on the age of the kids you could hide clues or toys. This blog post has some great ready made clues.

4. Put on a fashion/talent show

Use a sheet to set up a catwalk/stage and challenge the kids to put on a fashion or talent show. Beware – you will be expected to perform too!

5. Make friendship bracelets

This one is a bit more complicated but lots of fun and very rewarding. Here are some instructions.

6. Visit the library

OK, so this one does involve leaving the house but the library can be a great place to take refuge when it's raining outside. Most libraries have a children's corner.

7. Make a magazine or newspaper

Help the kids come up with ideas, it doesn't just have to be articles and pictures – maybe they could design a word search? Bonus: the parents will love reading it when they get home. 

8. Have a lego building contest

Who can build the best car/house/abstract art?

9. Hold an indoor disco

Create a playlist together with everyones favourite songs and get dancing!

10. Play in the rain!

Get everyone in their wellies and raincoats and splash in the puddles!