For February we’re sticking with a Lunar New Year theme. These recipes might not be the most authentic, but they’re simple and taste fantastic. They are also all relatively mild flavours, so should go down a treat even with fussier palates.

Dinner ideas

Easy Fried Rice

Vegetable fried Rice. Check out the recipe here.

Fried rice is an easy and delicious meal, and with the correct vegetables can be healthy too! Fried rice is best made from rice that has been cooked the day before, so it’s worth doing a little extra for a curry or other rice dish. Although this recipe suggests that you use carrots, onions, peas and corn, feel free to chop and change veggies as you (and the children that you’re working with) please!

Egg roll bowls

A healthier alternative to actual egg rolls, this dish contains loads of delicious flavours from sriracha to sesame seeds. If you’re cooking for someone that hasn’t had much spicy food before, be aware that sriracha is quite hot, so consider adding it at the end to try, rather than whilst cooking. With pork, it’s also super important that the meat is cooked through, so be careful to make sure that it’s well done before serving.

Sweet and sour chicken

Sweet and sour chicken is one of the most palatable Chinese dishes for younger children, as it’s sweet and incredibly tasty. Remember that cornstarch is the same as corn flour, available in all UK supermarkets. This recipe is slightly more challenging than the other two, but is incredibly worth it if you’re confident in the kitchen. It’s also a quick one to prepare!

Snacks and sweets

Try an Asian supermarket

Various international supermarkets are popping up everywhere in London and provide ample opportunity to broaden food horizons. Here are some great snacks and desserts that are common in China around this time of year, and can be easily found in London.

Guangdong Nian cake

Popular foods during Lunar New Year include pineapple tarts, glutinous rice cake (nian gao), red bean buns and dumplings. Simply buy buns or dumplings frozen and then steam them for snacks and sweets ready in minutes. All of the above can be found in most Asian supermarkets, or any number of the stores in China Town, near Leicester Square.