Hi amazing Koru Kids nanny,

Joe here- I run payroll, with help from my colleague Daisy. I wanted to make sure there was somewhere you could go to answer questions on how to submit your hours.

When do I report my hours?

The pay month runs from the 26th-25th, so for example, the October pay month ran from the 26th of September – 25th October.

You'll be sent a link to submit your hours on the 21st, and submit after your latest shift in the pay month:

  • You should submit after your last shift of the pay month. E.G. if you work on the 23rd, but not the 25th, you should submit on the 23rd.
  • If you're working on the 25th, you should submit after your shift (you've got until midnight).
  • You'll know it's successful when you're taken to the screen that says "Thanks for your submission!"

If you're going to be late, it's super helpful to let us know! If you do report late, you won't be paid until the next payroll cycle.

The link to report your hours stays the same each month – so maybe pop it in your diary.

How do I change my hours once I've submitted them?

Once you've submitted your hours, it's really easy to make a change to them. This change will then automatically be emailed out to you and your family (we put you in CC so that you can be aware of any changes that are being made, often in your favour)! To correct your hours just click on the "Edit this submission button"

I work in a nanny share, how do I submit my hours?

Because your hours may be a mix of sole and share care, you submit your hours slightly differently. When you click your hours submission link, you'll see all the families for whom you work. You should click on both families at once, so it looks like this:

Then click on "Next".

It's really helpful if you can split out your hours like so:

Shared hours:

Sole hours for family 1:

Sole hours for family 2:

This means we'll be able to pay you accurately and quickly!

I work for more than one family, but not in a share.

We recently made a change that means you can submit your hours using the automated form for more than 1 family. To do so, pick 1 family you work for, and submit your hours as usual. When you've done that, click on the "Make a new submission" button:

Then select the other family, and make a submission for them! Anything else/

Anything else?

If I've missed something out, please let me know! You can get me at joe@korukids.co.uk