10 imaginative excuses kids use to avoid helping around the house

Do your kids claim to suddenly forget how to use the vacuum cleaner when you ask them to hoover the carpet? Or when asked to tidy their belongings they claim to like having their things all over their bedroom floor because ‘it helps me see everything’?

If any of the above sound remotely familiar, you’re definitely not alone! We’ve put together the Koru Kids team’s most imaginative excuses their kids have conjured up to avoid helping around the house.

“When you and dad decided to have children was it because you couldn’t afford a cleaner?”

“Nan said I couldn’t be expected to behave aaaaaalllll the time.”

“But I suddenly need to go to the toilet!”

“I’m not very good at sweeping the floors, I miss bits. You do a much better job than me.”

“I’ll just do it wrong, and I know you only like it right.”

“I can’t empty the dishwasher because you tell everyone I’m clumsy. I don’t want to be shouted at for dropping and smashing a plate.”

“Granny says I just have to try it once and if I don’t like it, I don’t need to again.”

“My big sister should empty the dishwasher, she’s taller than me.”

“The dog likes it when I leave my towel on the floor because he sleeps on it!”

“I like my things out all over the floor, it helps me see them.”