10 creative excuses kids use to avoid going to sleep

We all know that kids come out with hilarious excuses to avoid doing things, but bedtime excuses probably top the lot.

So, we’ve put together the Koru Kids team’s funniest and most creative excuses their kids have used to avoid going to bed (where did a 4-year-old hear about a fax machine in 2022?!).

The classic:

But I need some water first.”

“But I need to floss first!” (Never flosses)

“But I’m too tired to go upstairs.”

The blame it on something else:

“But my bunny doesn’t want to go to sleep!”

“My brain told me to stay awake, I have things to do.”

“But I’m busy counting to a million.”

The random questions:

“What is a fax machine and how does it work?” (From a 4-year-old!)

“Mum, why do I have two eyes if I only see one thing?”

The ‘I need to tell you something very important right now’:

“I thought my hand was missing, but I pulled my sleeve up and found it, thought I’d tell you.” 

“But I need to tell you something that happened last week…”

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