Here at Koru Kids, we've been recruiting more and more older adults to work as after school nannies. But why?

Until recently, the options for after school childcare were limited. After school clubs may be more affordable, but quality can vary and they can be especially tiring for younger children. Having family and friends look after children simply may not be a realistic option for many. And finding a great childminder can be like digging for gold – there has been a 27% drop in the number of childminders since 2012 according to Ofsted.

Instead, many families want their children in a home environment after school. That's why we're recruiting and training amazing nannies to support families with their after school care.

And who better to help than older adults, many of whom have first-hand experience of what it takes to bring up children or grandchildren.

The feedback from our families has been overwhelmingly positive:

"She really is fantastic. A proper grown-up. She knows some of our neighbours and is part of our community, which feels more important than I expected it to. She's a great role model. She spends time doing art with our kids and actually seems to be enjoying them (so far!). She is very straight forward to communicate with, which is half the battle won."

Koru Kids family

Being an after school nanny has lots of benefits for older adults too.

Having had their own careers, they understand the support that working parents need, and so can be relied upon to be responsible, supportive and great communicators. These qualities ensure that they can have a positive impact on the lives of working families.

It's also a local role, which means less stress commuting into work, and making the most of local community knowledge.

Plus, most families are looking for between 3-5 afternoons per week, which leaves plenty of time for hobbies, interests or other commitments. 

"Here's a job that I'm qualified to do and that I could enjoy. The hours suit me too! I had worked in a primary school and previously cared for my grandsons. Koru Kids introduced me to my family. We are getting along really well."

Moira, Koru Kids nanny, Mother & Grandmother

Our families are looking for nannies who have the following qualities:

  • Good judgment – being reliable and responsible
  • Supportive – being warm, proactive and flexible
  • Great communicator – being polite, with well-spoken and good written English
  • Bright – being switched on, fun and friendly

Koru Kids is actively looking for older adults to become after school nannies. If you think you have these qualities then click the button below to apply online now!