Top 5 hobbies for older adults

Are you thinking about retirement and wondering what to do with all that time you’ll find on your hands?

It can be really tough to find meaningful and enjoyable ways to keep yourself busy.

UK survey has found that the majority of people over 60 years take up a new challenge in their later years.

But forget the stereotypes you may have heard…nowadays 60 is the new 40 and there are plenty of fun and rewarding things you can try.

Part-time local rewarding work

Why not find some work in your local area that is rewarding and can also earn you some extra income each month. Koru Kids are helping older people find part-time roles helping local families with their after school childcare.

Older people with experience bringing up their own children or grandchildren are a perfect fit for this. Having had their own careers, they understand the support that working parents require, and so can be relied upon to be responsible, supportive and great communicators. These qualities ensure that they can have a positive impact on the lives of working families.

The role is a great opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the lives of a local young working family while also leaving you time for other hobbies or interests you want to pursue.

You can find out more about part-time roles with Koru Kids here.

Creative hobbies

Joining a choir is a great way to express yourself and meet new people. Studies have shown that singing in a group can make people feel happier and bring a sense of ‘doing’ and accomplishment. Check out where you can search for a choir near you.

Performing arts groups are also popular,. There are many senior theatre groups out there to help you channel your inner performer, from singing to dancing to acting. It’s a great way to express your creativity and keep your mind active.

Active hobbies

Why not join a walking group? There is a great charity called Ramblers that set up local groups – you’ll see new sights, meet new people and keep yourself active.

And what about dance? Not only is dancing a fun form of exercise, and great socially, it also has a variety of health benefits for your muscles, balance, cardiovascular system, brain function and stress levels.

Don’t worry if you’re watching Strictly thinking…”I can’t do that!”. There are lots of dancing clubs for mixed abilities.

Cooking or gardening

Gardening is the perfect hobby for those of you that love to be outdoors. Not only is it great physical exercise, but has a variety of mental health benefits too.

It’s a hobby you can share with your family and friends, and if you want to get involved socially, join a gardening club or help out in a community garden.

Cooking works the same and let’s face it, it’s one of the many life skills you already have in your repertoire. If you want to share your cooking hobby socially, join a cooking club or find a cookery course.


Volunteering is a great way to give back to your local community. Many roles are flexible, though of course you won’t get paid for your time. NCVO has lots of information to help you get started, plus you can look for volunteering opportunities on sites like and Charity Jobs

Koru Kids is building the world’s best childcare service and is looking for older adults in London who are interested in becoming after school nannies.