How much does a nanny share cost?

There are a few costs involved in a nanny share; the nanny’s net wage, tax, payroll and pension costs. This can seem overwhelming—that’s why at Koru Kids we keep it simple. We’ll always tell you the total cost of a nanny share so there are no surprises!

Here are a few examples of real nanny shares we are currently operating, with cost details included. (Names have been changed, of course.) All figures mentioned are total costs including nanny wages, taxes, national insurance, our fee, and payroll and pension. There are no hidden costs such as registration fees.

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A nanny share in Hackney, East London

Each of the families pays £1080 per month for 3 days, which works out to about £83 per day. 

Two families we introduced are sharing a nanny in Hackney. The share is on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Each day, the nanny Amanda picks up one of the children – a girl aged 13 months – just before 9am and takes her to the other house a couple of streets away. The other family has a 15 month old boy.

Amanda and the two little ones spend the day having fun – she takes them out in a double buggy, visits local parks, playgrounds and playgroups, they do arts and crafts, singing and silly dances, and the babies take their naps together.

At 3:30pm Amanda takes them all around the corner to a local nursery where they pick up the girl’s 3-year-old brother.  They then go home for another play and then dinner, and the nanny finishes up at 6pm  when the parents come home.

A nanny share in Kentish Town, North London

Each family pay £1547 for four shared days, which works out at (£89 per day) and one family pays an extra £145 for a day of sole care per month.

This share involves a 14 month old baby and a 2 year old toddler. Despite the age gap the kids are best of friends! 

The share happens for four days a week (Monday-Thursday), and on one Friday per month the nanny Claudia also looks after the baby as sole care. On share days, one family drops off at 8.45am in the morning, with the share taking place at each family’s house in alternating weeks.

Claudia takes the kids out twice a day, usually going to a local playgroup in the morning and a playground or park in the afternoon, and returning to the house for lunch and naps.  The parents come home around 6pm.

The cost of the share for the parents of the baby  is £1692 per month, including the sole care (£92 per day) and for the parents of the toddler £1547 per month (£89 per day). Both families pay part of the cost in childcare vouchers, which they get through their employers.

A nanny share in Forest Hill, South London

Each family pays £1290 per month for 3 days of care, which works out at £99 per day. 

This share is on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and involves 2 babies of 11 and 12 months.

One of the families drops off their daughter at the other’s house at 7.30am, when the nanny starts work. The girls eat, play and nap together during the day and the parents come home at 6:15pm.

They’re incredibly cute together and make each other laugh all day! 

Find a local family to nanny share with using our free tool