I hope you're well – thanks for coming to the first Koru Kids Update – I'll share one of these with you each month, and it's just to keep you updated on all things Koru Kids. 

Feedback from May's Payroll

Pay  we're so proud to have you all as Koru Kids nannies, and recognise all the amazing work you're doing. We wanted to show you that we, and your families appreciate this – given the feedback in May's payroll, we decided one of the best ways to show this was by increasing your rate of pay. We've heard you, and we've changed that. Going forward, you'll get £9 per hour for sole care!

The form – our new payroll form has definitely come out the winner! I'm so glad that you're all enjoying using it. Our amazing Tech Team, Mike and Nick spent a tonne of time making it. If you'd like to know a bit more about the team, check out our Team Page.

Love for Koru Kids – honestly, it was great reading about how you love Koru Kids. We're trying to make this one of the best part-time jobs in London, and it's good to know that we're on track!

"I think it is one of the best jobs for students. It fits well around our schedule, leaving us time for a social life and to study. It is also less stressful than previous jobs I have done including retail."  

Nanny Meet Ups

We're so happy to hear that some of you meet up, especially with the kids you look after! Throughout June we had several of these occur, and have even started WhatsApp groups to put you in touch with other local nannies. Check out the Facebook Group for more info!

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