When we developed our nanny service, a few things were really important to us.

  • It had to be super easy for parents to use. We know how hard it is to be a working parent. The whole purpose of Koru Kids is to simplify families’ lives. So, we don’t just find you a nanny, we also do all the nanny paperwork like payroll, taxes, pension, maternity and/or sick pay.  
  • We think we should only win if you do. That’s why we don’t take any upfront fees—because we think we should only profit if your match is truly successful over the long term.
  • We want to really support the nannies, to give them a great job and an inspiring career path. Nannying is a hard job, and can be lonely. Koru Kids nannies tend to be very loyal, and come back to Koru Kids time and again, because we support them so much.  

We have three levels of nanny, depending on your family’s needs and budget. Pricing is simple and clear, so you can easily calculate your total costs.

Junior Nannies (£13 per hour)

Koru Kids junior nannies are ‘junior’ because they have less than 3 years of sole care nanny experience — but all have extensive childcare experience and qualifications, having worked in nurseries for several years.  Koru Kids provides a package of support to help these nannies make a successful transition, including mentoring and ongoing training. Find out more about Junior Nannies

Senior Nannies (£16 per hour)

Senior nannies have at least 3 years’ of sole charge experience working as a nanny, plus relevant qualifications and excellent references.

Top Nannies (£20 per hour)

Top nannies are the most highly experienced and qualified senior nannies, possessing a wealth of additional skills such as relevant university degrees, specialist qualifications like maternity nursing or chef training—plus extensive experience in complex/challenging situations, all with glowing references

All pricing includes wages, taxes, pension, ongoing support, training, administration and Koru Kids fees

To get started with a Koru Kids nanny, email rachel.carrell@korukids.co.uk. In your email, please mention your full postcode, the days and times you're looking for, ideal start date, and the kind of nanny you would love to have.