Nursery experience is incredible preparation for becoming a nanny. Working for 5 years in a nursery, nursery staff experience hundreds of babies and toddlers—with different sleep patterns, illnesses, temperaments, and personalities. They learn how to structure a day, how to cope with all sorts of emergencies and disasters, hundreds of stories, songs and games, and they truly understand the way children develop and thrive.

That’s an amazing experience base for becoming a nanny.

Koru Kids has received many applications from nursery staff who would like to become Koru Kids 'junior nannies'. We are highly selective, admitting only the top 5% of applicants. All have extensive childcare experience and qualifications, having worked in nurseries for several years. In addition, we look for people who are warm and loving, proactive, organised, professional, supportive, and have the drive to become wonderful nannies.

So Koru Kids junior nannies are only ‘junior’ because they may not have worked as a nanny before. 

Koru Kids then provides a package of support to help Koru Kids Junior Nannies make a successful transition into their first nanny job, including mentoring and ongoing training.

For more info about how we support our junior nannies, check out our founder Rachel Carrell describing the programme below. You can also check out our most recent 'junior nanny' graduates, and see how Junior Nannies fit into our baby and toddler service as a whole (including pricing).

Interested in seeing if there's a Junior Nanny available near you? Email, mentioning your full postcode, ideal days/times and start date, and what kind of nanny you're looking for. We'll let you know if there's a Koru Kids Junior Nanny currently available that might suit your family.