We’re delighted to announce today that we are introducing a new form of training for all Koru Kids nannies: personalised paediatric first aid training.

This means that from today, all Koru Kids nannies will be able to receive ‘top up’ training on any first aid issue relating to their Koru Kids family. The training will be specific to the demands of their particular family, so they can learn what to do before an emergency arises. Even better, this ‘top up’ training will be part of the all-inclusive Koru Kids service, so it won’t cost any extra to access, for either parents or nannies.

Here’s how it works

We already give all Koru Kids nannies a half day of paediatric first aid training, in person, in our offices. The course covers all the basics a nanny needs, like what to do if a child chokes, or injures themselves (and a lot, lot more).

But what if a family’s needs are different to the standard ones covered on the course? What if the child is epileptic, or has severe asthma, and the nanny wants a refresher on what to do in an emergency, or how to spot the signs that one might be about to happen? What if a child gets a concussion playing sports at school, and the nanny needs to understand what to look out for in the days of recovery afterwards?

From today, all the nanny needs to do is let us know—at any stage while they’re a Koru Kids nanny— and we’ll arrange ‘top up training’ from our highly experienced Koru Kids first aid trainers. This training can be delivered over a video call, so the nanny can do it as soon as possible and the family can get the benefit immediately.

Of course, we’re not turning our nannies into doctors and nurses, and there is a limit to how far basic first aid knowledge can take you—but equally, it’s clear that we can substantially reduce many risks by providing tailored training to those nannies who need it.

We’re just getting started

Training is so important in any profession. Sadly, independent nannies often don’t receive any training at all – let alone training which is high quality, personalised and relevant to the family they’re working with.

At Koru Kids, we believe almost religiously in the importance of training and education. We invest heavily in training our own Koru Kids staff and we’re also committed to making training a core part of all of our childcare services.

Personalised first aid training is only the start of our investment in this area. We’re creating more ongoing training for our nannies to help them continuously develop and support our families even more.

If you’re interested in talking to us about this work, get in touch. And if you’d like one of our nannies, you can let us know here.