We hope the following resources will be helpful for any medical students who are volunteering to help NHS workers with childcare. We think this a brilliant initiative and are really pleased to support you. 

Koru Kids Online Training

You can complete our free online training course here. It will take you about 1.5 hours but you can also just pick the lessons most relevant to you.

We hope it will improve your confidence in providing childcare or give you a refresher if you haven’t done any in a while.

Koru Kids Daily Schedules

Until schools open again, we will be providing Koru Kids nannies with a daily schedule of activities to do with the children they look after. You are welcome to use these too! They will be packed with activity ideas and resources. 

You can find the daily schedules here. Keep checking back each day for new ones.

If childcare is something you think you might want to keep on doing long-term and you are London based, we are recruiting after school nannies. Find out more here.

Koru Kidssupport@korukids.co.uk