After School Nanny Share

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What is a nanny share?

A nanny share is where two families employ the same nanny to help with their childcare. The nanny generally looks after both families’ children at the same time, but can also include hours where only one family’s children are looked after.

Nanny shares come in all shapes and sizes and really depend on what works for each family. There’s no need for both families’ requirements to exactly match. Read all about the benefits of nanny share here.

“I love the flexibility of nanny share – we can increase or decrease our hours each week and our nanny has been great, we really fell on our feet with her.”

Mum of two, Blackheath

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How much does it cost?

For hours where the nanny looks after both families’ children (shared care hours) the cost for each family is £9 per hour.

For hours where the nanny looks after only one family’s children (sole care hours) the cost is £13 per hour.

How does nanny share work with Koru Kids?

  • If you have a family to share with – that’s great! We’ll need one of you to sign up so we can start your nanny search. Just let us know on your sign up form that you’re part of a nanny share, and remember to include information about all the children that will be involved in the care. You can sign up here.

Once you have a family to share with, we’ll then work our socks off to find you a great nanny. Read about our matching process here.

Once we’ve found you a great nanny, we deal with all the admin involved in getting you set up as an employer. This includes contract setup as well as managing and running monthly payroll. Find out more about the support we provide here.