How to talk to your family about getting paid

We understand this might be an awkward conversation to have with your family, especially at this difficult time. So here are some tips to help:

  • We recommend giving your family a call rather than sending a message where possible – it prevents things getting misinterpreted and is quicker. But messaging is fine if you feel uncomfortable doing this
  • Start by asking them how they are doing – is everyone healthy? Are the children OK? How are they coping with schools closing? How are they finding working from home?
  • Tell them that you really want to help them in any way possible, but you're also feeling quite anxious about how you will manage financially over the coming weeks
  • Ask them if they've thought about what they'd like to do next. You might want to suggest options, for example if you can look after the kids while they work from home. You can mention that Koru Kids is going to be sending you lots of ideas for activities and how to help with school work. You could even suggest entertaining the kids via video for a while.
  • Alternatively, if they really don't need any help at this time, you can say that Koru Kids can pause the arrangement, which would mean you still get paid (during normal term time) but at a reduced rate for the family. It also means you can pick things back up when they're ready. If they’re interested in this, ask them to contact us to sort this out.
  • If they really don't want to continue, then ask them to contact Koru Kids to sort things out. We'll then do our best to find you a new family who is looking for care (we have lots of them right now!)