We understand that hiring a nanny can be daunting – it's hard to know where to look, what exactly to look for and how to tell whether someone will be the right fit for your family. Our aim is to simplify all of this. We've already helped hundreds of families to find nannies, so we feel quietly confident that we know what we're talking about.

What does Koru Kids offer?

We make it quick and simple to recruit the perfect nanny for your family and the hours you need, and take care of all the complicated admin and payroll. We have bespoke Koru Kids training for our nannies and are developing training tools for nannies to take continually so that they continue to develop as your children grow too. 

Recruitment: All Koru Kids nannies for baby and toddler care are experienced in looking after babies/toddlers, have a clean enhanced DBS check, appropriate qualifications including first aid, and glowing references. We create a shortlist of nannies who match your requirements, based on where you live and what days/hours of care you need. You interview them to decide whether or not they’ll be a good fit for your families. We’ll give you lots of interview tips and help you know what to look for.

Onboarding: Once you’ve found your perfect nanny, we’ll help to draft and set up contracts between you and the nanny. If your nanny is not yet Ofsted registered and this is something you require (in order to use tax-free childcare/childcare vouchers, for example), we’ll help them get this done. We’ll also get you set up as employers with HMRC, as well as setting up your nanny on your payroll.

Ongoing support: We provide ongoing support to both you and your nanny throughout your time working together.

  • One of the ways we do this is by managing and running your monthly payroll, as well as ensuring all tax and national insurance contributions are made. This includes managing any sick pay, maternity pay or pension allowance that your nanny may be entitled to. All of this will be included in our service fee.
  • We even do regular check-ins with both you and your nanny. We have a bunch of qualified teachers and ex-nannies at Koru Kids, one of whom – Alex – is on hand to provide support to all of our nannies and families when they need it through her ‘Ask Alex’ service.

How much will it cost?

We don’t charge a huge finder’s fee for recruiting your nanny. Instead, we take an hourly commission, which works out as 10% of the nannies’ gross wage over the year. This way you can be confident you won’t have to pay a large upfront sum to secure one of our nannies. Also – we only make money if you stay matched with a nanny you love.

The monthly cost of a nanny depends on your nanny's rate of pay, which can vary due to experience level and location. We recommend budgeting around £150 per day of care required.

The monthly cost of a nanny share is around £100 per day of care required.

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How long will it take?

Unfortunately it’s hard for us to give an exact answer to this, as it depends on the complexity of your requirements as well as your location. However, we’d advise starting your search around three months before you need childcare.

How does the interview process work?

We’ll provide you with a shortlist of nannies to choose from, all of whom will have already been vetted by Koru Kids. You’re then free to manage the interview process as you’d like. This is something we have plenty of experience in – so if you’re looking for interview tips, please check out this article.

Can I have a trial first?

Yes – of course! We’re very happy to include a trial period into your contract, with a shorter notice period. Many families use a trial as a settling in period, allowing the parents, children and nanny to all gradually get used to each other.

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