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Finding great childcare

Finding great childcare can be so tough – figuring out the right option for your family and then all the questions that go with it. We’ve carefully broken down all your childcare choices so you can make the right decision for your family.

Need help finding great childcare?

Nanny holiday is more flexible than most other childcare options, but there are a few legal minimums and customary practices to be aware of and
The thought of planning summer care can be daunting. When to book, where to book, and what’s still available? Here are 5 children’s summer camps

Availability of after school childcare in the UK Use our map to see what percentage of families have available after school care where you live.

Working from home with kids
For some parents, working from home will mean they no longer need childcare; they can work more flexibly now or their kids are a bit
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Announced in March 2023, a new childcare scheme launches this year providing 30 hours of free childcare for every child over the age of 9

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“Aren’t they strict matrons in uniform?” Claire (@mykindamum) busts 5 big myths about nannies.

Today (15 March 2023) Jeremy Hunt unveiled the contents of his first budget. Read on for our view on the good and the small print
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Are you considering a childminder for your little one? Small group sizes and lots of 1:1 attention – sounds great right? But have you heard

Going on a nursery tour is a great way to narrow down your childcare options. You get to ask questions about what a typical day

An experienced nanny cooks with two young girls she's taking care of.

Childminding Agencies are regulated by Ofsted, and inspected on a schedule every three years. Ofsted inspections are very thorough and forensic, looking at all aspects

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We wish we could guarantee one of our amazing nannies for every family that signs up with Koru Kids. We’re constantly recruiting new nannies to

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Congratulations on taking the step to get your child settled in at childcare; it’s a step which can seem incredibly nerve-wracking so give yourself a

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