Working from home with kids

Working From Home With a Part-Time Nanny

Whether you love it or loathe it, working from home is here to stay.

But just because you’re working from home, doesn’t mean your full-time job stops at 3pm when the school bell rings…

For some parents, working from home will mean they no longer need childcare; they can work more flexibly now or their kids are a bit older and can entertain themselves. Though for a lot of parents, childcare is still very much needed and that is totally OK! We’d challenge anyone to try and concentrate on work and be productive whilst their kids are asking for their 50th after school snack. 

If you’ve never had a nanny before (or even if you have), you might be worried that it will be strange having them working whilst you’re also at home. So we spoke to Avril, a parent of two, who works from home and has an after school nanny.

So, what is it like working from home with a nanny?

Avril and her partner hadn’t considered an after school nanny before, and a friend recommended Koru Kids when she heard they were struggling to sort their childcare. Their eldest was starting school for the first time so it sounded like the perfect solution. 

Their nanny, Reyna, picks up their son after school around 3pm, so Avril can continue finishing off the last few hours of work – at home. Initially, like a lot of parents, she was worried about the dynamic but, “it’s worked out well”. There’s this fear that the dynamic will be awkward for all three parties (child, parent and nanny), but it’s simply not the case.

Kids are always proving to us how adaptable they are, and her son quickly understood the different roles his parents and Reyna have during after school time which he’s “very comfortable” with.

Do your kids hassle you even when the nanny is there?

One of the biggest worries is that kids will find it confusing having their parents at home but unavailable to spend time with. If anything though, Avril finds her son wants her to leave him alone when Reyna’s around, “he just loves spending time with her”. They’ve formed a very healthy bond, “I say hello when he comes home, we hug, kiss, then they head off to another part of our flat”.

Kids are far more forgiving and adaptable than we give them credit for, so even if you have to set boundaries for the first couple of times, they quickly get used to it and really look forward to their after school time with their nanny.

At first Avril was worried that he would be overloaded with activities, but instead they do things that are the perfect balance for him as he’s still so little. They “play, they read,” and sometimes Avril pops in if she’s having a quick break and her son asks, “what are you doing here?”. He’s very aware that while his nanny is there, it’s after school fun time to spend with her, while his parents focus on work, “there’s a very clear distinction!”

They get out of the house too!

They don’t just spend time in the next room, though. Reyna picks him up at 3pm and if she’s not bringing him home immediately, “he goes to parks and hangs out with friends outside", which is something Avril and her partner don’t always have time for after school.

With a nanny he’s not only getting that additional one-to-one attention which you wouldn’t get from after school clubs or a childminder, but also they’re free to spend the time how they want to whether that’s at home, or outside with friends in the park.

Avril and her partner get quality time finishing off work, knowing their son is having fun in his own space, with his own toys, or getting some fresh air. And, all with someone he’s formed a wonderful bond with – for their family “it works amazingly”.

So… take the plunge. Check out the part-time nannies on Koru Kids today – they’re “super impressive”.

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