How many families do you have to meet with to find a nanny share?

We often get asked ‘How long does it take to find a match for nanny share?’

Sorry about this but the answer is, it really varies. Some families meet just one other family a few days after registering with us, and immediately decide to go ahead with them. They’re either lucky or fast decision makers. Others meet three, four or even more families, and take longer to decide.

If you’ve been trying to find a nanny share match by yourself, you may have messaged and met with many, many more than three or four families. One mum said she felt like she’d spent the whole summer trying to find her own nanny share before she called us.

Finding a match through Koru Kids feels very different to finding one by yourself. In fact, it might feel like .. nothing much. That’s because we do the work in the background for you. We introduce you only to potential matches who really might work for you, and who are definitely still available.  

Here’s how it works: When a new signup comes in, we immediately look in our database for a potential match. We might consider 20-30 families within a few minutes’ walking distance, using software to filter for the best match in terms of days, times, children’s ages, nanny cost, language, school/nursery drop-offs and pickups, and start date. We then contact the best matches to see if they’re still available. Only after we’ve found a potential match, and having spoken to both families about the other, do we tell you about your potential match and, if you say ‘yippee’ (or something along those lines), we introduce you.

So from your perspective, it might look like there’s not much happening—but on the contrary, like a duck in a pond, there’s a lot going on under the surface. (Less quacking though, at least on a good day.)