It is a requirement that physical copies of DBS documents have to be checked in person. The following steps mean DBS checks can start processing without nannies having to come into our offices, which is quicker and easier for both nannies and families.

What you need to do if you are a nanny:

  1. We’ll pre-check your documents. Upload photos and a short video of your documents here. The form explains exactly what you need to upload.
  2. Once we’ve checked your documents are valid, we'll email your family and ask them to check the documents in person. 
  3. You'll then need to bring the same three documents with you to your next shift or meeting so that the family can do a physical check and we can process your DBS check

What you need to do if you are a family:

  1. Koru Kids will do a digital check of your nanny’s documents. We'll then send you an email to let you know what documents they have provided.
  2. Your nanny will bring these documents to your next meeting or their next shift so that you can check these in person.
  3. Once you’ve confirmed the documents are the ones listed in the email, simply reply to let us know and we can start processing your nanny's DBS check. It can take a couple of weeks to come back (but most don’t take that long).
  4. If the documents don’t match, please email us to let us know what the issue was. We will then follow up with your nanny so that we can resolve this as quickly as possible.