CV: My life story, in a nutshell

Here's a (real) example of the first CV question one of our nannies wrote. Can you spot what makes this one so great?

Hello! I am the youngest child of three siblings, and I was born and raised in Manchester. I have always been very close with all my family members, despite occasionally falling out over small things when we were younger. Family has always been something very important to me, as I have always valued having a tight knit family unit there to support me. When I was growing up I was also looked after by au pairs, which is partly why I am interested in becoming an after school nanny. I always enjoyed their company and it felt like they were part of the family, and I was always thankful that there was somebody to take me home and entertain me rather than being stuck in an after school club waiting for my parents.

I attended my local primary school before moving on to Sale Grammar School. Education has always been very important to me and something that I have closely valued, and I'd always be willing to help motivate and encourage children in doing their homework. At school I was very driven to achieve the best I possibly could, and I was very proud of my GCSE and A level results, getting me in to study Psychology at UCL.

It may seem unusual to have a male nanny, as it is a role commonly associated as a job for women. In my opinion, I think that whilst it is true that not many men are nannies, this doesn't mean it can't be the case. I am truly passionate about working with kids, and I'd love to gain more experience working with children in a more personal and caring environment. My aspiration is to become a Clinical Psychologist working with children, and I'm very interested in both child development and child mental health. Because of this, I have become involved in organisations such as Childline, where I have been accepted to begin training to become a telephone counsellor.

Now that I have moved to London and settling into my studies at UCL, I'd really like to have a part time job to supplement my studies that is a lot more meaningful than just working at a shop. For me, being involved in a child's life and being able to enrich it is invaluable.